Factors To Consider To Secure A Higher Rank For Your Google News Content in 2020


Google news is a computer-based news service that combines the top news headlines from across the globe, groups them under specific categories and presents it to the readers, according to their interests and likings.

Based on the kind of material frequently searched by the reader and the type of genre the reader prefers, Google’s smart algorithm sorts them according to each reader’s preference.

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The architecture of your website:

Google will more efficiently locate a properly planned site as compared to an improperly planned one. The website architecture must be welcoming for Google.

Your aim while creating a website should be to make it easily accessible by both Google as well as your users. This can be done by incorporating tags and categories that will have the frequently used keywords of your targeted group of people. 

Keep your website shallow and minimize the number of clicks for users to navigate through the site, for example, instead of providing only “Previous” and “Next” buttons, include page numbers for navigating quickly to a specific page without multiple clicks.

Crawling speed and frequency:

The Google bot keeps crawling through web pages to search for frequent updates. A page, with a higher updating frequency, will be preferred by Google and will be served to the users in a short time interval. So to keep the gaze of the bot fixed on your website, go on updates regularly.

The loading speed:

Any site needs to have a quick loading speed. This certainly plays a significant role in “how to get into Google news“.

The loading speed can directly affect the crawling frequency to avoid overburdening of your server; the Google bot will avoid visiting your website. So, make sure you apply all the optimization techniques that you may find handy.

Design and layout:

A website makes its impression on the user as soon as it is viewed for the first time. This is where the design and layout of a site become important. Your code must be compatible with every browser and appear properly and in a well-structured manner in each of them. 

Lay out the pictures and information in a clean and structured way. Avoid clumsy, unnecessary images. Keep the article elements in a sequence: Headline, Image, Date, Article body.

HTTPS tags:

HTTPS is a highly encouraged ranking factor for Google news. With the use of HTTPS, you can infer whether a website is secured or not. 

Secured websites will be trusted more by the users and will help in reducing bounce rates. Thus, sites with HTTPS will be more visited and hence secure a higher ranking in Google news.

Fresh and relevant content:

Fresh and new concepts are always welcomed by Google news. But that is not the only criteria to get a high rank. Google’s highly specialized algorithm is the one to decide, what kind of content will be suitable for the user; the new or the old.

But this is not the only deciding factor. The topic’s relevance to the user’s interest and recent searches play the key role.


Though it is not a compulsory factor to create a Google news sitemap to rank high, it is much recommended. The sitemap allows the Google crawl bot to easily locate your website, and this can give it a chance to be on the users’ screen. Thus, it’s a bonus.

Wrapping up:

This article briefly tells you a lot about optimizing the ranking factor of your website on Google news. Obviously, there’s a lot more you can add up with your own ideas to secure a good rank and be on the users’ feed.

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