Hezbollah Shiites could lose their majority in Lebanon’s Parliament


Hezbollah supporters listen to the assessments of former Minister Gibran Bassil after the Lebanese legislative. / AFP

The provisional count of the legislative votes places them far from the 65 seats of the majority that they achieved in 2018

The first legislative elections in Lebanon since the economic collapse of the country and the massive protests of 2019, with the political class plunged into an evident situation of disrepute, concluded with the closing of the polls on Sunday and with the counting of the votes this Monday, still with interim results. The data, according to information collected by the newspaper ‘L’Orient le Jour’, a priori reflected a blow from the largest parliamentary bloc, the Shiite militia party Hezbollah, supported by Iran and considered a “terrorist” organization by several Western countries.

The first results indicate that they are at risk of not getting the 65 seats necessary to maintain the majority they have enjoyed since 2018, while the opposition gains strength. His Christian ally, the Free Patriotic Movement (MPL) of President Michel Aoun, also suffered losses of support. Instead, the Lebanese Forces (LF), led by Samir Geagea and with strong ties to Saudi Arabia, won several seats and is expected to emerge as the largest Christian party. “We can say that the Lebanese people have sanctioned power and joined us, expressing their will for a new beginning,” said their spokesman, Marc Saad.

Almost four million citizens were called to vote, but the electoral event had a low turnout, 41%, 8 points below the previous elections in 2018. Regardless of the results, which could influence the presidential elections scheduled for November, analysts foresee months of negotiations for the formation of the next government

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