‘Heroes’ shows how sport can change lives


'Heroes' shows how sport can change lives

The personal testimonies of ‘Héroes’ show how sport helped them get out of sometimes complex stages and how they have been integrating its practice into their daily lives until it has become their lifestyle or even a profession.

(17-6-2022). Urban Sports Club presents ‘Heroes’, four audiovisual stories of people whose lives have been changed by sport. Jero García, Mireia Cabañes, Laura Pedro and Sam Vázquez participate in this project with the aim of inspiring anyone to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through sports.

The catalytic, restorative and overcoming value of sport when facing complicated moments and situations in our lives is undeniable. And even more undoubted is its immeasurable power when it comes to “repairing” the emotional wounds that these difficult situations can leave us until they become a lifestyle.

In this context of sport as an element of overcoming and breaking the stigma of verbalizing emotional and mental health problems, Urban Sports Club presents ‘Heroes’. A cycle of four stories starring relevant names from different fields (culture, sport…) who narrate their personal testimonies about how sport helped them get out of sometimes complex stages and how they have been integrating its practice into their daily life until become your lifestyle or even profession.

The term hero has always been linked to someone with super powers. But beyond fiction, in real life, the heroes and heroines are others. Ordinary people, endowed with the power of overcoming and perseverance, whose vital objective is not to save anyone, but to face life through what they are passionate about. For this project Urban Sports Club has had the collaboration of the production company Weneverlookback.

Audiovisual cycle

In this audiovisual cycle they have participated Sam Vazquezdancer and choreographer; Laura Peter, special effects supervisor; Jero Garcia, former boxer and family mediator; Y Mireia Cabanes, member of the national adapted surf team. ‘Heroes’ is the continuation of an Urban Sports Club initiative to give visibility to sport as part of a way of life and an industry with a fundamental purpose to make a better and healthier society. Prior to ‘Héroes’, the platform presented ‘Urban Sports Club Talks’, a series of interviews with experts from the sports sector that can be seen on its YouTube channel and also through IG profiles.

See the first story here Sam Vazquezdancer and choreographer: “Turn your passion for dance into your profession”.

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