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The new trend for the modern home is to look for an intelligent solution to heat this winter, one that is clean, low in energy consumption, without noise or the annoying “cold wind” and that also allows cooling in summer.

Santiago de Chile.- In the midst of the personalization era, homes do not escape this trend. We look for versatile appliances that adapt to our needs and tastes.

This is especially important when it comes to regulating the temperature at home: heating in winter, cooling in summer, without this being too expensive, in addition to not polluting the environment, and that the heat or cooling source does not emit noise, bad odors among other nuisances.

The Samsung company bets on Split Inverter type air conditioning systems, a solution that completely covers the air conditioning needs for the modern home: the same system heats in winter and cools in summer.

“Properly air conditioning has become a key factor to achieve comfort inside the home. Spending more time at home, and with hybrid work days, it is very necessary to air-condition the home in an efficient, clean, sustainable and silent way, these are essential elements for human comfort. Samsung’s Split Inverter air conditioner line is the most advanced in this regard in the home market”, says Felipe Correa, Air Conditioning Product Manager at Samsung Electronics Chile.

The option with the lowest cost of energy consumption, according to the environmental authority

Surely a rule that you consider when choosing your heating solution is that it has low energy consumption, in order to save on this item.

The Split Inverters, in addition to serving the whole year, are the most economical solution of all, since it is the one with the lowest energy cost, according to the Sustainable Heating Guide of the Ministry of the Environment, for an estimated consumption of 8 hours of use. daily in a 57m² home, which year after year evaluates the amount of energy consumed by the different types of heating.

Added to this is that electricity is the cleanest energy for heating, so by choosing a Split Inverter as an integral solution to air-condition your home, you are also contributing to the care of our planet.

Wi-Fi connectivity and goodbye to the annoying “direct cold wind”

We all know the air conditioners and that “cold wind” that reaches us directly to the skin, and that often makes us uncomfortable.

Samsung eliminated this problem by incorporating Wind Free technology, which gently and quietly disperses air through 23,000 micro-holes that prevent the unpleasant sensation of direct cold wind on the skin. Its advanced airflow also cools a wider area more evenly while using less energy.

The silent mode is another resource that you will appreciate. Split Inverter Wind Free technology has the ability to keep the equipment running with an almost imperceptible level of noise.

Finally, and inspired by the concepts of the connected home, Samsung Air Conditioners can connect to a Wi-Fi network and be controlled directly from your Smartphone, so you can activate it from the street when you are on your way home so that you find yourself in a comfortable environment. when you get home.

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