Happy Wheels Unblocked !- Everything you want to know


Happy Wheels is one of the famous and genuine physics-based games which is developed by Jim Bonacci. Happy Wheels is all about two things: consistent damage system and its fatal obstacle courses. The damage system makes it apart from other games available for the users. The fatal obstacle courses include a bit of traditional platform gaming with racer elements and some puzzles, but the type of injuries you are going to suffer will make this more addictive for everyone for sure. Your primary mission is only to search for the exit.

This game is free to play online and no registration required for playing this game at all. It is surely worth checking out and will keep you entertained throughout the whole day. While playing this game, your goal will be going through several challenges, lose as few limbs, and overcome all obstacles. You just have to ignore certain laws and keep going. You can click here to play Happy Wheels full version without any restrictions.

Controls for playing the Game

  • Use your arrow keys to move
  • For performing primary action, use space bar key
  • For performing secondary actions, use Shift/Ctrl
  • Just use Z to eject

This game is available for Android, iPhone, and Web browsers. All the levels are mainly designed with a deadly traps series and the controls will stay the same. Each vehicle has great physics which puts an extra layer of an obstacle to compete with. There are numerous challenges and levels for the players to play. You can choose a different type of vehicles for crossing levels as per your overall requirements

There will be different locations and scenes where you can control your vehicle, such as on the side of a busy highway or mountain with cars. You can find most of the bikes but few of them which can be unlocked by crossing each level while playing. The controls in this game are decent for playing on the mobile device. Users can wear safety gear for comfort and safety while driving.

You can even carry your child on the back of your bike while riding. There will be some times when you would be carrying adult passengers too. Some of the main obstacles include riding over large nails and steep hills. If you are not scrolling fast enough on your screen, then you would not be able to cross the level for sure.

Most of the time, you would not pass the levels without dying a few times. There will be blood on the screen after your death. You should note that this game is not for everyone as there will be a significant blood amount of gory deaths. The only downside is the violence in this game and some appropriate contents are not suitable for the kids.

Users can also play this game offline and edit the game to add levels. You can even get the support if you are having any concerns while playing this game. Overall, this game is a perfect game to play to kill your boredom but a bit violent.

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