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Early socio-environmental planning will be key for the Chilean H2V industry to become a world leader

By Vilma Perez

Santiago de Chile.- Chile’s green hydrogen (H2V) industry could reach the size of today’s large copper mine in less than 20 years, generating local green jobs and training, along with clean fuel for host communities and national industry.

To materialize its benefits, it is necessary to plan in advance in order to take advantage of the opportunities and eliminate, reduce or mitigate the socio-environmental impacts and risks. That green hydrogen is key in the decarbonization of the energy matrix and a powerful way to curb climate change, is not enough by itself to ensure success and shared value.

Although the regulation and environmental management in the country has been strengthened, the strategic socio-environmental planning of the production, national distribution and export of H2V and its derivatives, will demand more comprehensive visions and action plans and a permanent multi-stakeholder participation in each one. of the three macrozones defined by the National Strategy.

Likewise, the companies that will lead this process must challenge themselves to act with the greatest sense of responsibility and vision of the future, placing emphasis on the initial stages.

Early socio-environmental planning will be key for the Chilean H2V industry to become a world leader.

Four axes will be decisive: proactively anticipate the benefits, risks and socio-environmental impacts; define participatory and multi-stakeholder ways of working, with an emphasis on local visions and the interests of the host communities; have timely and transparent channels of communication; and apply learnings from other industries locally and from similar initiatives in other parts of the world. How successful we can be in this hopeful country objective will depend on this.

Vilma Pérez is Sustainability Leader at Arcadis Chile

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