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The Swiss multinational Juice Technology drives energy production through hydraulic energy for consumption in real time.

Madrid Spain.- Juice Technology AG, has founded Juice Power AG with a clear commitment to sustainability in electromobility.

Clean energy that reaches the consumer at the same time it is produced: that is the idea of ​​Juice Power, the subsidiary created by the Swiss multinational Juice Technology. Certificates for environmentally generated electricity can be obtained from many power companies. But electricity is only truly green when it is supplied to the grid in parallel with consumption.

This is the idea pursued by Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG, when he founded Eros Electric in 2016 together with Jörg Huwyler, director of Hydroenergie und Biomasse Axpo. With a stake in two classic hydropower plants, Frisal and Eglisau, Eros Electric has since been supplying its partners with clean energy for their electric vehicles 24 hours a day. What was clear from the beginning is that there is a great demand: the society, shortly after its foundation, already had 700 members. Now Eros Electric has been dissolved and taken over by the newly created Juice Power AG.

Christoph Erni states that “demand for electricity from demonstrable green production continues to grow among electric car drivers. If we want to charge our car in an ecological way in real time, we have to resort to controllable ecological energy sources such as hydroelectricity.”

Green electricity is always guaranteed to be in the battery, no matter where it is charged

For Erni, the inclusion of electricity production is just the next logical step in the development of electric mobility: “We always say that Sustainable mobility starts with a sustainable charging infrastructure. But this is only the beginning, that’s why we now climb another step. The electric car, the charging station and the electricity for the battery must be considered as inseparable components within an overall structure. Only when everything is built and runs as emission-free as possible from start to finish will electromobility be greener overall.”

Therefore, Juice not only wants to expand the commitment related to the company and the products, but also actively promote green energy production. Most desirable is electricity from renewable energy sources that is generated simultaneously with the charging process. In the very near future the best way to achieve this will be through hydroelectric power.

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