Google reveals the name of the version that will arrive in 2023


Three years ago Google said goodbye to desserts and started calling the new versions of Android simply by their version number, without any other surnames, at least officially, but within the company it has continued to baptize the Android versions with names of sweets. For example, Android 12 is Snow Cone and Android 13 is Tiramisu.

While we wait for Google to launch Android 13 later this year we see how the company is already working with Android 14and following the tradition has already baptized the next version of Android with the name of a new dessert.


Android 14 is Upside Down Cake

The name of the “secret dessert” of Android 14 It has to start with the letter U, and since it seems that there are few sweets that start with that letter in English, the chosen dessert is Upside Down Cakein Spanish upside down cake or cupcake.

The name has appeared in the source code of Android Open Source Projectwith an update revealing that the code name for the next version of Android is UpsideDownCake, and barring any surprises, that version is Android 14.

android 14 aosp

The news of Android 14 is still a mystery, since we still know all the news that Android 13 will bring. The only thing we know is that Android 14 would be released at the end of 2023. Next May at Google I/O 2022 we will have more details of Android 13 and perhaps a preview of the next news.

Returning to the dessert, in Directo al palate you can find the recipe for the backwards sponge cake with pineapple, which is the most popular version of this dessert, although it can be made with any fruit.

Image | Dennis Wilkinson
Via | 9to5Google

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