3 GogoPDF Tools to Make Your Life More Comfortable


GogoPDF is among the most convenient and efficient PDF handling software there is on the web. It offers a lot of different functions that not all sites can offer. Using the browser will not give you so much work because its interface is straightforward, and they want their customers to be entirely satisfied with their service. With that, here are some of their PDF functions that will assist you in times of need.

Add Watermark

Adding a watermark to your file is turning into an essential thing, especially that your videos, photos, or even your private and personal file can quickly go viral with just one click. Once it gets uploaded and posted, it will be difficult to tell that it is yours, not unless there is a watermark on it. Watermarks protect your files and prove that the content is yours. Without it, essential files like a PDF file that has private information, if stolen, will be used by unauthorized personnel, and it will be hard to identify if it is truly yours.

GogoPDF will assist you on how to add watermark to PDF free. When you add a watermark, you can either put an image watermark or text watermark. You can even personalize your text watermark, the size, color, and even its font.  It is also possible to place the watermark where you want it to show up. Here’s how to add a watermark to your PDF;

  1. Select which PDF file you want to put a watermark on.
  2. Grab the image from your device or type your desired text. Choose where to locate the watermark, then press the button “Add Watermark.”
  3. Wait while the system processes the applying of the watermark.
  4. Once complete, download and share the watermarked PDF to your device.

Compress PDF

Compressing PDF file is made possible with GogoPDF. You can shrink your file with them quickly and without experiencing any struggle. All your documents will be compressed to the smallest size available. The positive factor about compressing your PDF file is that it is convenient when sharing or sending the file via email, it will not take much of your storage space, and are more comfortable and faster to upload to the web.

While you shrink your PDF, it will still have its maximum resolution. It will preserve the original formats or layouts even after the compressing process. It will also only take you a few minutes to do the procedure. Follow these straightforward steps to compress your PDF file;

  1. Choose the PDF file and upload it to the box.
  2. The software will start the reduction of file size.
  3. Watch and wait while the system is doing the process.
  4. Once it is done shrinking, you can now download the document to your PC.

Rotate PDF

You may sometimes unluckily encounter a PDF document that is in an incorrect angle. If so, you don’t have to worry much since the rotate PDF function of GogoPDF is always ready to rescue you. The file may be in an angle you think you cannot fix, but with the rotate PDF tool’s use, you can easily and quickly fix it into a perfect angle within minutes. Here’s the step to do the process effortlessly;

  1. Upload the file to the box provided on the site.
  2. Rotate the PDF file to the angle you want.
  3. Apply and save the changes that are made.
  4. Download the file and save it to your PC or share it with any of your social networking services.


Now that you now have a little knowledge of some of GogoPDF’s best tools try utilizing it now. It will make your life a little less stressful when it comes to PDF files. Aside from all the mentioned functions above, they offer more useful tools to help you when you visit their site.

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