Gogoanime alternatives|15 free websites similar to Gogo anime as of 2022


Looking for GoGoAnime Alternatives with a heavy heart? Don’t. According to the Ahrefs report, the monthly traffic count of one of the most popular anime streaming websites is as high as 162M. Where 9anime receiving 10 million and Kissanime receiving 25 million traffic. Surprising but true! To those who are not fond of anime or manga that much, this news can be well disastrously shocking! So if you think you are alone traveling in the sinking ship with a heavy heart when your favorite website that provides you with your daily dose of anime, GoGoAnime goes down or under maintenance, then you are wrong. Probably you have come here after wanting to watch or know more about berserk 365, and we don’t blame you, it’s just awesome. Many others are feeling down for the same reason. Many sounds disturbingly small after knowing the numbers right?!

But how can you even think that despite knowing the monthly traffic of similar sites like GoGoAnime, there won’t be developers trying to capture the space and increase the competition in the segment? It is just not the developers but also the anime fans who start looking for Sites like this from the very moment the website goes down. And finding alternatives is not a rare event, rather it is something that happens very often, as consequences of server breakdown or website maintenance.

If you want to watch and download anime movies through this website, then you should read all the information given in this post and understand whether you want to download and watch movies from this website.

Gogoanime New Link http://www.gogoanime.pro/
Old Link Blocked
Type Anime Movie and Tv shows Uploading Websites

Gogoanime 2020 – New anime HD Movie Download

If you are a big fan of anime movies and you are unable to watch your favorite anime movies in your busy life then you can go to this website and see your favorite anime movies/TV shows. Moreover, if you want to download any episode, all you have to do is install an IDM software and save any episode for free on your PC. You can download any movie according to your favorite resolution. If you want good quality then you can download HD or else you can also download Standard resolution and one thing you can select the download size according to you.

Gogoanime website is very old and due to piracy, the admin changes domain extensions. In this way, websites do their income from advertising such as promoting a company’s product, banner third-party advertising advertisement. Their traffic is also very good, more than 6 million and in such a way they make more than one million dollars.

All the advertisements shown on these websites are not true, I recommend you to stay away from all these advertisements. I have listed free VPN for gogoanime that can remove annoying ads or install the adblocker extension in your browser so that you can block the advertisement.

Spreading the piracy and breaking it is a very big crime because the person who owns the copyright makes hard work and some people make content in public for a little money. If anyone does such a thing, then he/she will also be jailed and will also have to pay a lot of penalties.

What happened to gogoanime?

On Twitter, many users want to know what happened to gogoanime by tweeting. This website receives a million views every day and thousands of people visit the website simultaneously. In such a situation, the website may also crash and if the server is too strong then buffering issues can also occur.

If a similar problem is coming, then you should wait for a little till the recovery is done.

If the server is not healing in any way, you can try the website in the morning because then there are very few online on this website.

As I have already said that this website promotes piracy, the administrator of the website keeps changing the extension of the domain.

What is the real gogoanime?

If you are looking for which website is real, then you should read this post thoroughly. It will be very difficult to tell which website is real, but keeping in mind some sectors, you can reach this conclusion which will be real.

There is such identification with which you can identify the original website.

  • In the original website, you will see regular contact updates.
  • Buffering issues will be less.
  • A lot of popup ads will be seen.

I think the GogoAnime.io website is real. In the domain lookup below, it appears that the domain was registered in 2015 and that the domain is still being maintained just redirected to the new URL. Right now, a lot of copied website has gone out of this website where the original content is not available, only the poster of the episodes is visible. All the clone websites’ designs are the same as the original one, only the extension of the domain is different.

Gogoanime domain lookup who is
Gogoanime domain look up

Here’s is the list of Gogoanime .io New Links

Below are some of the most visited and new links of Gogoanime 2020

www12. Gogoanime.io Gogoanime . tv
Gogoanime .video Gogoanime fun
Gogoanime. pro Gogoanime .cool
Gogoanime-io .net Gogoanime.com

What are trending episodes running on Gogoanime

The biggest reason for the website being famous is that this website is the telecast of the latest anime episodes. Some episodes violate owner copyright, and a few are available for free. Please, find below trending episodes running on the Gogoanime website. I have given the list of all the legitimate sites provided below. You don’t have to violet the copyright of the owner and provide the right reward for the hard work of the owner. Now, say yes and enjoy the latest episodes on legitimate websites.

  1. Demon slayer
  2. kimetsu no yaiba
  3. fire force
  4. dr stone
  5. vinland saga
  6. beastars
  7. one piece stampede
  8. attack on titan season 3 part 2
  9. seven deadly sins
  10. arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou
  11. isekai quartet
  12. code geass lelouch of the resurrection
  13. kenja no mago

How to fix gogoanime buffering issues?

It is a common gogoanime website to have a buffering problem. As I already told such websites get a million views and in such a way the server gives the answer.

When you play any video, the buffering problem is seen even though your internet connection is strong. In such a situation, you feel that the website is down and it is no longer useful.

I would like to share with you some tips on how you can come out of the buffering problem.

  • If your internet connection is strong, then you can try high-resolution server (HD-720p) because all the other users online, they are in low resolution (SD-360p).
  • You can watch your favorite show in the morning hours because users are less online.

Why isn’t Gogoanime taken down for illegal anime streaming?

As I already told you that this website public anime contents illegally. Today I will talk to you why this website was not removed. As you know, every country has a different taste, law, and culture. Internet works because everyone wants to watch premium products for free. The United States and all the developed countries in the world are at the forefront of piracy and take strong action against its promotion. And there are other countries where the law of another country does not apply. The server of this gogo is spread over many countries, so it is very difficult to remove the website from the Internet.

It depends on the users not to steal someone’s hard work.

The advertisements that are shown on this website are adult contents that appear in it is very harmful to children. I will request parents to keep these websites away from children so that children are not able to access them.

Why people looking for GoGoAnime similar sites?

Anime despite being cartoon and animated has a fan following that is not only large but also is irrespective of age. This is the main reason Gogoanime is very popular around the world. The following that started from TV channels, now thanks to the digitization and the growing OTT platforms have shifted to sites similar to GoGoAnime. There are quite a few video streaming websites that have a considerable amount of Manga and Anime but also few others that are singularly dedicated to anime content. GoGoAnime or similar sites like GoGoAnime are a blessing for those who can’t wait to watch Manga on television and also for those who do not have access to anime offline as it is restricted in their location. 

This website rose to fame with such a huge amount of fan following because of its features that took anime successfully out of Japan. Among others, it was supported by all browsers which increased the reach and accessibility. Check out the pros that made this website the go-to place for anime and cons that are now making people look for GoGoAnime alternatives.


  • Free
  • Downloadable
  • Huge library of anime and manga content
  • English Subtitles- that reached out to more people
  • English Dubbed- made it a better experience for those who did not know the language
  • Different resolutions available


  • No mobile app
  • Illegal – which causes the next two problems
  • Website unavailable or down
  • Restricted and blocked in many countries

Now that you are all prepared and set to judge similar sites like this website and finally choose the best for you, let us not discuss anything else but its alternatives in the next section.

What Are The 15 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives?
Tubi TV
Sony Crackle

15 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives as of 2020

15 best Gogoanime sites free
Gogoanime similar sites

Now that you know what are the best sites similar to GoGoAnime, continue reading to find out everything about it including the pros and cons, that will help you with making the right decision before you shift.

Before looking at the 15 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives, let us discuss the pros and cons that made this website what it is today so that you know what to compare.

1. KissAnime

Kissanime similar sites

This website is another big name when it comes to watching anime online. If you had to find an exact copy and one of the closest alternatives then it has to be KissAnime. Not only is it as big as GoGoAnime but also as popular and unfortunately boasts of the same problems as that of GoGoAnime.


  • Free
  • Stream online or download
  • Grand library with a large number of categories
  • Many videos are loaded with English Subtitles
  • Some have also been dubbed in English for a better watching experience, also better reach
  • Videos can be watched in different resolutions, depending on your screen, you can select


  • Doesn’t have a mobile app but may open in the mobile browser
  • The content distribution ways used in the website is not legal
  • The website may suddenly go down and the link may keep changing
  • Blocked and restricted in many countries (obvious reason- illegal distribution of content)

But, if you can access the website there is no better place to watch anime at. Not only for the 100% free feature but also because there is no manga/anime content that you won’t find here. It’s like the anime torrent that despite being illegal remains favorite and the most popular.

Visit website – https://kissanime.ru.com/

2. 9anime

9anime is one of the best alternatives of Gogoanime

Talking about torrents of anime and not considering 9anime for sites similar to GoGoAnime is a sin that we wouldn’t dare to make. Just like KissAnime, 9anime has the same format and the same practices which makes it equally popular for both the good and the bad reasons together. While unlimited free and updated content is the major factor behind people going gaga over this site but 9anime as well; piracy is the reason that leads to the annoying removal of the website from time to time.


  • Free
  • Download available
  • Huge collection
  • English Subtitles
  • Dubbed videos available
  • Multiple resolutions


  • No mobile app
  • Illegal
  • Sudden website removal
  • Cannot be browsed in all countries

If you are a torrent person, VPN is your thing and no one can beat you at consistency then you can still try getting through the restricted zone to reach and access 9anime, one of the similar sites like GoGoAnime because only when you visit the website will you understand the reason for its massive popularity.

Visit website – https://9anime.xyz/

3. YouTube

YouTube's free animation movies like Kissanime

Next up in our list of sites similar to GoGoAnime is YouTube. Needs no introduction, does it? A video streaming platform from the house of Google that took the world by storm and changed the way the internet was consumed affecting a lot of trends. YouTube is a big reason for people exploring new video genres that includes anime or manga. Many parts of the world who were unaware of anime, got introduced to it as well, thanks to YouTube. It wasn’t just the case with anime but a lot of genres including the ones which were created after YouTube.


  • Free with ads
  • Offline version 
  • Huge library- a mix of popular and original content
  • English Subtitles available
  • Dubbed videos may also be present
  • Resolutions can be selected
  • Legal
  • Mobile App
  • Many genres including Anime
  • User-friendly user-interface


  • Few special contents can be purchased which are not available in the free version
  • Premium version is paid- without ads and extra content
  • Downloading to phone drive not possible
  • Illegal content may get removed
  • Good content may not be seen in searches due to poor SEO
  • Too many genres leading to video crowding

It doesn’t take much to try YouTube, only a free Gmail account will give you access to such a huge library. You will never know what you find here, the platform is full of surprises and regularly updated with new content including the original. Try now!

3. Netflix

Watch animation on netflix like Kissanime

Next up in the list of GoGoAnime alternatives is Netflix. An OTT platform, famous for its content. The content is not much compared to that of GoGoAnime but offers great quality. The content is specific to locations, which means not everything on Netflix, will you be able to see and stream from anywhere in the world. It does have some anime content, though limited, the size of the collection varies from location to location. You may check what Netflix has to offer you with its free trial if you are not already subscribed to it.


  • A free trial period for 30days
  • Amazing content across genres 
  • Original and exclusive content
  • Not one genre
  • Excellent video quality
  • Legal
  • Mobile App available
  • User-friendly user-interface


  • Paid 
  • Limited anime content
  • Location based content
  • Less popular content, more originals

Most people already are subscribed to Netflix, if you are one of them use it as a GoGoanime alternative to search what it has to offer you in the anime genre. If not, you can always explore Netflix with the 30days free trial period.

4. Dailymotion


Another popular video streaming website that can be considered as one of the similar sites like GoGoAnime is Dailymotion. The website is loaded with videos of various lengths, quality, and genres to explore from.


  • Free
  • Huge library
  • Legal
  • Multiple genres
  • Updated 
  • App available
  • Multiple resolutions to choose from


  • All videos are not of the same quality
  • Links may get removed
  • Sometimes slow
  • 60mins- max video length

Dailymotion is known for its latest video content. The website contains user-generated content, which means anyone can upload videos including anime fans as well. Check out what Dailymotion has in its basket of videos to offer you!

5. Hulu

Hulu latest animation shows episode

The next on our list of similar sites like GoGoAnime is Hulu. Though a US-based channel that can be subscribed to watch on TV consists of 65+ channels. The network is majorly owned by Walt Disney which assures that despite not being a channel completely dedicated to anime and manga, it will consist of quite a good mix of animated channels including anime and manga.


  • A considerable and growing amount of Anime titles
  • Regularly updated
  • Many genres
  • Multiple devices supported
  • 30 days- free trial


  • Only available in the US
  • Paid network

If you are a TV person residing in the US, there are chances that you are already subscribed to Hulu, so you can easily check out the anime content available on it. If not, then ask your cable operator or visit Hulu yourself and opt for a free trial to explore the anime category.

6. Tubi TV

Tubi offers classic animation TV shows like 9anime

A blessing in the world of paid subscription-based channels or networks. Tubi TV can be considered as one of the GoGoAnime alternatives given the varied content streaming on the website from varied genres including anime.


  • Free
  • Legal
  • Can be browsed on mobile with the app
  • Many genres
  • Updated content
  • Original content + Popular content
  • Good quality video
  • Multiple device support
  • No pop or overlays


  • Limited anime content

Free content is always an attraction to people in love with similar sites like GoGoAnime. This is your place to be not just to satisfy your anime needs but also get your daily dose of entertainment with amazing high-quality videos of movie titles, television shows, etc. Visit Tubi TV now!

7. Animeland .fr

animeland user interface

Enough of legal websites in the list of similar sites like GoGoAnime, time to go illegal and all anime because that is what anime fans like and prefer over anything. What do we use the VPN for then? A perfect alternative, AnimeStreams has a collection of anime titles, a library to die for. 


  • Free
  • Well maintained and updated continuously
  • Stream online or download
  • Unmatched collection of anime titles
  • English Subtitles available
  • Dubbed videos not all but many
  • Video resolution can be selected


  • Can’t go mobile- no app
  • Illegal
  • Website down
  • Restricted in many countries
  • VPN may be helpful

If you are one of those die-hard fans of anime who has the habit of using VPN to track GoGoAnime then AnimeStreams.NET shouldn’t be a big deal to you, only worth a try for new exclusive content.

8. Animeheaven.ru

animeheaven homepage

Another addition to the list of sites similar to GoGoAnime sailing the same ship is Animeheaven.ru on the verge of closing down in many countries for obvious reasons, the illegal distribution of content. Despite being illegal this type of website promise the best anime content.


  • Free
  • Stream online or download
  • Huge collection
  • English Subtitles
  • Dubbed collection
  • High-Quality videos
  • Community tab connect with anime fans


  • No mobile app
  • Not legal
  • Website down
  • Restricted in many countries
  • VPN may help

Animeheaven.ru may not be available on your browser or maybe depends from country to country. VPN is always worth a try, if not on the same address then a new one, cross your finger and hope not to die and find AnimeSeason.

9. Funimation.com

No points for guessing that Funimation is an all-in-all website for anime content. The name is pretty much a giveaway. It is not only one of the similar sites like GoGoAnime but thankfully also legal for people who want to experience a little easy on the mind anime watching experience.


  • Huge collection
  • Subtitled
  • Dubbed
  • High-quality videos
  • Choice resolution, from 480p to 1080p


  • Paid
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • US-based
  • VPN is required to access the legal website illegally

One of the very few legal channels to have good anime content which is also regularly updated and offers videos in high-quality both subtitled and dubbed, perfect for varied audiences is not available outside the US. Life cannot be that easy right? Lucky you, if you are a US resident, if not then, consider declaring VPN as your best friend. For its time to visit Funimation!

10. WatchAnime.co

Watchanime latest anime TV shows like Gogoanime

Worth considering and comparatively a happier place for anime fans all over the world looking for sites similar to GoGoAnime is WatchAnime.co When the whole world of anime seems to go VPNised, WatchAnime comes as the angel that you been long waiting for. Truly said, things can’t be bad forever, right? Times change and good times come just like better options and so did it in the face of WatchAnime. 


  • Good size collection
  • Genre division in Anime
  • Free
  • Website completely dedicated to anime
  • Subtitled
  • Dubbed
  • High-quality videos
  • New episode updated regularly
  • Search movies/Tv shows.


  • Illegal
  • May go down anytime
  • Country restrictions
  • VPN may or may not be required
  • No mobile app

Guess what? Watch Anime is from none other than KissAnime so be ready to lose access to it anytime soon, but till then who is stopping you from enjoying it. Visit now!

Visit website – http://watchanime.co/

11. Sony Crackle

Some names itself gives you legal vibes, this is one of them, isn’t it? All credits go to the brand Sony. Next up in the list of similar sites like GoGoAnime is Sony Crackle. A free platform dedicated to entertainment is a special offering from the house of Sony that apart from anime content also offers additional exclusive un-cut and un-edited versions for fans along with other genres.


  • Anime content available
  • Exclusive content
  • Free
  • Other genres available
  • Subtitled
  • Dubbed
  • High-quality videos
  • Legal


  • Available in 21 countries only
  • VPN required for other countries
  • Limited anime content

Sucker for free entertainment? Try Sony Crackle right away. Why should you miss anything that is offered for free? It is a sin not to explore a free channel for the genres and especially when you are looking for sites similar to GoGoAnime and open for anime content, you never know what anime collections you might get greeted with on the free platform right?

12. AnimeHeaven .eu

Looking for good times and we have found it. AnimeHeaven is another illegal website but a perfect fit for GoGoAnime alternatives offers some amazing content that is simply going to blow your mind. Latest episodes of your favorite manga series with subtitles and some even dubbed in English. What else would you ask for? All you need is a cup of coffee and you are set for the full day with loads and loads of free content.


  • All anime website
  • Latest episodes updated
  • Free
  • All browser support
  • Multiple device support
  • Dubbed category
  • High-quality videos


  • Illegal
  • May go down anytime
  • VPN may or may not be required later
  • No app

Jump in the pool of flowing anime movies shows with the latest episodes dubbed and subtitled. Visit the true heaven for anime, Anime Heaven.


Hidive Welcome page

For the ethical people out there looking for legal sites similar to GoGoAnime HIDIVE is the place for you. Without compromising on anything, this website gives you every satisfaction that you need while watching your favorite anime shows on screen at a cost and why not! 


  • All-anime
  • High-quality videos
  • Huge collection
  • 14 days Free-trial
  • Multi-device supported
  • Uncensored content
  • Dubbed
  • Subtitled
  • Legal


  • Paid

If you have been looking for a safe and permanent way to watch anime then HIDIVE is the way to go about it. All you need to do is pay to enjoy it. You can start with the trial period to know what you would be missing out on otherwise. Visit HIDIVE.

15. Crunchyroll.com

Last up on the list of similar sites like GoGoAnime is Crunchyroll.com. The list that started with illegal websites as the best GoGoAnime alternatives has to end with a legal website on ethical backgrounds at least. A channel where you wouldn’t need a VPN to watch anime shows or movies. 


  • A huge collection of anime from Japan.
  • Mobile App
  • Both paid and free versions available
  • Dubbed
  • Subtitled
  • Games available
  • HD quality videos
  • Almost live streaming of anime episodes (within an hour)
  • Ad-free option with premium
  • 30-days free trial
  • Legal


  • Variable picture quality
  • Free version- ad disturbances
  • Live feature only for paid users

Legal yet free. Isn’t this the ultimate option for GoGoAnime alternatives and why not look at all the features it has to offer. Not just movies but popular TV shows with subtitles and sometimes dubbed, updates as fast as within 1 year of streaming. Visit now!

About Anti-Piracy

Watch this video thoroughly and understand what is piracy?  In this video, Bollywood star Vidya Balan is explaining about anti-piracy.



Now that we are done with the complete list of sites similar to GoGoAnime, you have full-fledged 15 websites to choose from for anime content of 2020. Some free, some paid, some legal and some illegal that might be accessible with VPN. The list consists of the best options to go for GoGoAnime fans for a closing down of a website or a website going under maintenance can never be a reason to stop you from watching your favorite shows in the digital times. You just need to know the hows and here we have got it for you. 

If you forget to thank us while binge-watching, don’t worry, we understand!


We awdhesh.com do not promote any piracy and illegal contents/websites in our blog and do not promote it at all, it is our objective that the audience always stays away from the illegal websites and help to prevent piracy.

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