Give your smile a special shine with this Photoshop feature


When it seemed that Photoshop could not add more functions, Artificial Intelligence arrived. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, functions can be created based on algorithms that are trained with a large number of photographs, both to recognize objects and to add pixels to a photograph that do not exist. They are also used, within Photoshop, to remove objects, replace tones, and much more. One of the most attractive functions of Photoshop is the one that allows us modify the smile of natural form.

But, in addition to modifying the smile, we can also modify the nose and eye size in addition to modifying the shape of our face without forgetting the function that allows us to take off a few extra kilos, a function that we talked about a few days ago in Softzone.

Modify the smile in Photoshop

Once we have selected the photograph in which we want to modify the smile, we open it in Photoshop and go to the menu Filters. Within this menu we select the option Liquefy. A new panel will open, where we have to go to the right, specifically to the section Liquify with face detection. Photoshop recognizes all the faces of the people that appear in the photograph and assigns them a number to be able to individually modify each one of them. Numbering starts from left to right. If only one person appears, we will only be able to work with one face, so it will not be necessary to previously select the face with which we are going to work.

Next, we go to the section Expensive and move the slider Smile to the left to improve the smile or even add it if it lacks it. If we move the slider to the right, we will obtain the opposite effect. It is not recommended to take this value to 100, since the result can be too exaggerated and very unnatural. As we can see in the following image, we have slightly modified Brad Pitt’s smile so that it does not look so serious.

modify photoshop smile

In addition to modifying the smile, we can also use Photoshop to change the size of the lips, the width and height of the mouth using Photoshop Artificial Intelligence. As if that were not enough, this Photoshop algorithm is also capable of adding teeth if we widen the smile more than necessary and the only way to make it natural is to slightly separate the person’s lips.

Modify the size of the eyes and nose

But, not only can we modify our smile in the photographs, but we can also modify the size of the eyes, to make them more or less large, along with height, width and inclination. We also have the possibility of modifying the size of the nose. To modify both the shape and the size of eyes and nose, we must do it from the same panel that allows us to modify the smile. We can independently select the size of the eyes, their separation and the height on the face as well as the size of the nose.

modify photoshop smile

As we can see, no need to be a Photoshop expert to slightly modify parts of our face using Artificial Intelligence. Anyone with access to Photoshop can make these and other changes to any photo in seconds.

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