Game streaming will look better than ever with this program


Thanks to the platforms we can use right now, the content creators, and the quality of today’s games, the streaming it is used more and more. Many users around the world combine these elements to follow the games of others belonging to their favorite video games, in real time.

For this we can use a multitude of software solutions that will be of great help to us in this type of task. Something similar even happens with the creators of this type of live shows who want to share their experiences with the rest of the globe. Precisely for all this and to fully enjoy the streaming of our games, and with the highest quality, we are going to talk about an excellent software solution.

We say all this because the first one has just been published. Beta version of the OBS Studio 28.0 application. As some of you already know, here we find a program for transmission of live video content and the save these files media, very useful. Now this new Beta version of the program has just been made available to everyone with important new features and improvements.

Some new features have been included here that the developer company has been working on for some time and is now presenting to us in Beta. However, we must bear in mind that not be a final productcan still show some bugs of operation, something of which we can inform its creators. With everything and with it, below we are going to talk about the main novelties that have been integrated into OBS Studio 28.0.

What’s New in OBS Studio 28.0 for Game Streaming

The truth is that the application that we are talking about in these lines, OBS Studio, is a software solution that over time has earned the trust of many users. That is precisely why its developers continue to improve the and adding new features in order to adapt to the times. Next, we will talk about the main new features that we will find in this new Beta version of OBS Studio 28.0. In addition, we must take into consideration that the application is available for systems Windows, macOS Y Linux.

Support for HDR and 10-bit color is included. We already found native Apple Silicon support for macOS computers. we will see many plugin from third parties that depend on legacy Qt5 components that need to be updated. Native obs-websocket 5.0 plugin integration for all supported platforms. Updated implementation of AMD Encoder for Windows-based computers. Added support for ScreenCaptureKit on macOS, which improves capture mode performance. Important improvements in Apple VT encoder. An application-specific audio capture mode is included. They have removed the background image of NVIDIA integrated. We find the automatic division of the recordings by time or file size. we will see a new default theme called Yami on all platforms.

Before finishing we will tell you that right now you already have the possibility to download the full Beta version of the new OBS Studio from its GitHub page for all compatible systems.

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