3 Free Website to Create an Online Survey in 2020


We’ve all needed to get feedback from a group of people, whether co-workers or customers, at one time or another. If you have over 6 or 7 people, getting that feedback can get difficult.

3 Online survey maker websites

Surveys are a great way to get quick feedback from your audience, but no one wants to build one themselves. Today, we are going to cover 3 different free tools that let you quickly and easily make your own survey to get that feedback you’re looking for.

1. Kwik Surveys

Kwik Surveys is one of the most popular free online survey tools. With Kwik, you can build free online surveys with an unlimited number of questions and responses. There are many types of question type available like Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop Ranking, Star rating, Text input, etc.

Once you have created your survey, you can email it to any number of people to get your answers. You can also embedded surveys directly into HTML webpages or forums.

Have a look at a demo survey from Kwik for a better understanding.

2. eSurveysPro

eSurveysPro is yet another online survey tool that can help you to create a free online survey.

The service is free with unlimited surveys, questions and responses, but the survey pages can have one or two ads from sponsors. Also, you do have the option to get additional features if you upgrade to a paid account.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs may be a surprise, but you can use it to create online survey forms. The forms are very basic in, and all the data collected is saved as an online spreadsheet. This makes it easier for the user to analyze them.

The analysis may be easy, but creating online survey form using Google Docs can be bit tricky for beginners, so be on the lookout for an upcoming guide.


Do you use any other free online survey tool that you would like our readers to know about? Please use the comment section to enlighten us.

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