5 Best Free Video Converters for Windows 10 You Did Not Know About


Free Video Converters for Windows: Video conversion has not only gained widespread popularity in recent years but has also become a requirement due to the need for converting videos like ytmp3 for numerous devices, including handhelds like Android and iPhone. In this post, we will provide you with a list of 5 best video encoding applications, which can convert videos between numerous formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, MKV, VOB, 3GP, and many more. Using these applications, you can easily convert your videos to virtually any format to view them on smartphones, Apple TV, DVD/ Blu-ray Disc players, Xbox, PlayStation (consoles), and the like.

01. Free Studio


Free Studio is a complete multimedia conversion utility, which comes with eight sections to bundle all free multimedia applications provided by DVDVideoSoft. Using this application suite, you can easily convert videos of any format to DVD format and burn them to a DVD. Furthermore, it provides conversion options to convert video and audio files between iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, and several other popular mobile phone formats. It also comes with a YouTube video downloader, Facebook uploader, Mp3 converter, image editor, 3D image video make, as well as DVD and audio CD ripper. You can check out the complete review of Free Studio, along with the link to download this great application from the link given below.

Free Studio works on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8

02. Encode HD


Encode HD is another free video converter, which supports video conversion for many mobile and home media player formats. The list of supported formats is listed below.

Home Media Formats:

  • Apple TV
  • Apple TV 2
  • Western Digital TV

Mobile Formats:

  • BlackBerry: (8100) Pearl,
  • BlackBerry (8200) Kickstart
  • BlackBerry (8300) Curve
  • BlackBerry (8700) Electron
  • BlackBerry (8800) Indigo
  • BlackBerry (8900) Javelin
  • BlackBerry (9000) Bold
  • BlackBerry (9500) Storm
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPhone 11
  • iPod 5G
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Nano
  • iPod Touch
  • Nexus One
  • Nokia E71
  • Nokia N900
  • T-Mobile G1

Gaming Console Formats

  • Playstation 3
  • PSP
  • X-Box 360


  • Youtube HD
  • Zune
  • ZuneHD

encoded works on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7

03. Freemake

Freenake video converter

Freemake is a feature-rich multimedia software that comes with an integrated HD media player, a Torrent downloader, podcast client, website browser, video converter, multimedia file organizer, and much more. Its video conversion utility supports several mobile formats including, iPad, iPhone, iPod hold II, Epic, Cliq/DEXT, G2, Galaxy tab, Hero, Magic, One Plus 7, and many more.

You can check out the complete review and download Freemake by going to the link given below.

Freemake works on

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows XP

04. Hamster Free Video Converter

Hamster video converter
Hamster video converter

Hamster Free Video Converter is a tool for converting videos between 200 plus device formats, including support for iPod, iPad, iPhone 11, PS4, PSP,Xbox, Zune, Apple TV, iRiver and many other devices. A great feature of this application is that it simplifies the selection of a conversion format by providing a list of both methods and format types to convert videos. Clicking on a brand name e.g., Samsung displays the complete list of supported devices from the selected manufacturer (such as Samsung Galaxy S11).

Some of the main features of Hamster Free Video Converter are as follows:

  • It converts videos to 3GP, MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, M2TS, WMV, MPEG, FLV, HD, DVD, and many other formats.
  • It comes with an integrated video player.
  • It supports drag and drop.
  • You can change codec, System type, and De-interlace your videos.
  • It supports batch video conversion.
  • It allows adjusting audio/ video bitrate, frame rate.
  • It supports 40 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, German, Japan, Russian, Portuguese, etc.

Hamster Free Video Converter works on:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

05. Any Video Converter

any video converter
any video converter

Any Video Converter is a cross-platform video converter for Windows and Mac OS X to encode videos between various formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, WebM, MP3, FLV, SWF, 3GP, DVD, etc. The supported conversion formats can be selected to convert videos across many devices, including smartphones, gaming consoles, and Tablets. Any Video Converter also provides the option to burn videos to a DVD.

 It is an all-in-one multimedia package with eight sections to bundle all free multimedia applications that have been developed by DVDVideoSoft. These sections provide many robust features like video transcoding, photo editing, video downloading, and 3D photo/video making options.

With this free software, you can convert video and audio files between different formats, including iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, VOB, and many more. You can even directly encode videos from any form to DVD (VOB) format and burn them to a DVD. The list of available features in this application given below.

Audio, CD-DVD-BD, DVD & Video

  • Free Audio Converter
  • Free Audio to Flash Converter
  • Free WebM Video converter
  • Free DVD Video Burner
  • Free Disc Burner
  • Free Audio CD Burner
  • Free Audio CD to MP3 Converter


  • Free YouTube Download
  • Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
  • Free YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter
  • Free YouTube to iPhone Converter
  • Free YouTube to DVD Converter
  • Free YouTube Uploader
  • Free Uploader for Facebook


  • Free Image Convert and Resize
  • Free Video To JPG
  • Free 3D Photo Maker
  • Free Screen Video Recorder


  • Free Video to Android
  • Free Video to Blackberry
  • Free Video to HTC Phones
  • Free Video to Motorola
  • Free Video to Nokia Phones
  • free Video to Samsung
  • Free Video to LG Phones
  • Free Video to Sony PSP
  • Free Video to Xbox
  • Free Video to Nintendo
  • Free Video to PS3
  • Free Video to Sony Ericsson

Apple Devices

  • Free Video to iPod
  • Free Video to iPad
  • Free Video to iPhone
  • Free Video to Apple TV


  • Free 3D Photo Maker
  • Free 3D Video Maker

The process of converting videos is simple; just select a source file, destination folder, and video quality (where applicable). Before turning the video, you can optionally change video priority and set the video to burn to a CD/DVD.

Click Continue to start the conversion process.

Similarly, you can download YouTube videos, edit images, create 3D videos, and photos. You can either download the complete Free Studio suite (which is only 32 MB in size) or download only individual applications (e.g., YouTube downloader) from the developer’s website link given below. Free Studio works on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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