Best ways for free reverse image search in 2020


When one thinks of searching through images on the internet, he/she directly think of google for doing the same. Sometimes, even Google is not able to do the task and find related images to the image you have put in. There are many other online options and apps which can help you do the same and get better results sometimes. Hence, we have a list of the best free ways to reverse image search.

Using free online websites

We use online websites for literally anything today, so it Google that we would have the best of websites for doing reverse image search as well. Here, we have listed a few of them in which you check and choose the one that works out best for you.

Tin eye

On this website, you can upload an URL of an image or any image directly, and the search engine will directly show you where that image appears on the internet. It is a website that works backward to help you get the required information through an image.

Pre-post Seo

This particular website is extremely helpful because it will also easily work on screenshots or other images you might have saved on your phones or laptops. It doesn’t necessarily need an URL to work with. There is an option for searching with keywords along with the image to help make your search even more accurate.


This website is very similar to the previous one when it comes to interface. But, it has an add on option which lets you search for similar images as well. You can either search for the source of the image, or you can go for the second option of searching for similar images. Keywords can also be added for a better search. This is one of the most used websites for this purpose.

Using free apps

Apps are a great way to do a reverse image search, especially for iPhone users, because many websites don’t work for them. Hence, some free apps are available for android and apple users, both.

Google Lens

Initially, this was launched as a feature that phones from google had. Now, this is available as an app for users to both android and apple users. This is one of the most popular and most used apps for reverse image search. The visual search is done at the end by Google only so the results would be the same as what you would search on the website. Only this is more convenient.


The reverse “” is very close to how the google website works, and it also works closely with the google search engine itself. So, the results might be similar, but Reversee has better options which make it different from google. Apart from doing a reverse search, one can also edit his/her images in the app very easily. The user can choose between various search engines to do his/her search in the app, which is extremely useful.

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