“For a career without obstacles”: the manifesto of the Ufec for the 8M



Laia Palau is one of the most outstanding women athletes at the state level in recent years

(3-8-2022) The Ufec has launched a manifesto in vindication of the figure of women in society, in general, and in the world of sports, specifically. “For a career without obstacles” is the slogan chosen to raise awareness in society about the discrimination suffered by women.

The Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia (Ufec) has reaffirmed its position against the discrimination suffered by women and has claimed its commitment to achieving a society committed to gender equality and opportunities.

The union of federations has launched a manifesto, “For a race without obstacles”, in which it highlights that discrimination between men and women “is evident”. “Fortunately, the sports field is a clear example of commitment and effort in achieving equality, which is already a reality in many sports modalities. Of course, we are aware of the road that we still have to go”.

From the Ufec they encourage all women in sports, directors, coaches, referees, athletes or volunteers, to continue assuming the commitment to lead a sports entity, club or federation. “We will accompany them and provide them with the necessary tools to continue transforming society through sport,” they add.

The entity has claimed the work it does to fight against the discrimination suffered by women and achieve full equality. “Our Commission, Woman, Leader and Sport, is constantly working on new initiatives to face the challenges and continuously promote equality in clubs and federations and promote the visibility of the task of women in sport”.

Ufec claims sport “as a powerful tool for transforming society; the right of women not to be discriminated against and to enjoy the same opportunities, which is a fundamental right”. And they end: “Equality is not a privilege, but a basic and inalienable right that we all have to defend together.”

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