Fmovies like sites in 2020 ( free movies updated daily)


In the era of the internet, watching movies, using mobile phones, and digitization is naturally not confined to multiplexes or theatres and television. Gone are the days when people had to visit a movie theatre numerous times to catch a glimpse of their beloved cinema stars, or even wait for ages to watch their most favored movies being finally aired on television.

Today, the scenario has gone through an immense change. Watching your favorite movies today is a piece of cake. Sitting at home, you can stream thousands of films on numerous websites dedicated to this purpose. One such trendy site for movie lovers is Fmovies. The popular Fmovies can be described as a library of multiple genres of movies, where you can watch unlimited motion pictures without spending money. There are ample legal sites similar to Fmovies. These sites are generally legitimate. In Fmovies similar sites, one can watch movies without downloading. Besides Fmovies, there is a great deal of Fmovies alternatives that can woo you without any doubt.

Why you choose FMovies?

You can enjoy a vast amount of movies fulfilling a variety of tastes like love, comedy, romance, action, old classics, art, along with an array of TV shows, new releases, and cam rips. You will love to use this site without putting a password.

Why should you choose Fmovies alternative sites?

There are several advantages of using the best sites like Fmovies to watch movies, enjoy shows, and even broadcast your event. These sites can be impactful and effective in a wide variety of contexts such as services and product promotions, online classes, live announcements, broadcasting, etc. Whether individuals or businesses use it, live streaming of an event in similar legal sites like Fmovies provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with more individuals across the world. There are several factors why the public of the modern days choose Fmovies alternative sites for watching movies and getting their dose of entertainment. 

Factors like high-quality streaming, vast audience potential, lavish use of contents, ease, and convenience are some of the many benefits that users are being subjected to when using these sites. One very vital consideration of such streaming sites is its affordability. Where multiplexes charge Rs 200 for watching a single movie, Fmovies similar sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Eros Now, etc. charge a subscription of Rs 600 for a month in offers variety of shows and movies. So it is much more affordable for entertainment lovers to watch their preferred shows at any time. There are also factors such as content accessibility.

Generous content accessibility of  Fmovies alternative sites; for example, YouTube grants its users the ability to watch YouTube videos on a webpage outside their website. For this feature to work, each YouTube video is accompanied by a piece of HTML that is used to embed it on any site on the web. Via this functionality, any YouTube video can be embedded in blogs or social networking pages.

Popular websites like Netflix also come up with attractive packages like data saving. Watching a lot of Netflix on your tablet and Smartphone can seriously consume an immense amount of data. But Netflix has a solution for this as well. Netflix allows you to change the amount of data used at any time- starting from about 4 hours per GB to an unlimited plan. Checking the app settings section of your Netflix app, you can manage the mobile data usage according to your convenience. It also offers the feature of setting up multiple accounts. You are required to hit the add portal option to create a separate portal for each user. One can add up to five different user profiles.

There are also several sites like Classic Cinemas Online and Con TV that have grown a community of its users over the years. They have several social media-based features, a public beta of Community, which allows the users to post images, texts, live videos in a specific community tab on their channel. For instance, in the case of YouTube, before this feature was released, it was suggested by several creators that Community should incorporate several tools that would be useful to these creators. The several creators included AsapScience, Vlogbrothers, The Game Theorists, Lily Singh, The Key of Awesome, Karmin, Peter Hollens, Sam Tsui. For those channels, that the community tab is enabled for getting the channel discussions permanently erased instead of migrating or existing.

Best 15 Sites like Fmovies

Fmovies is not the only site for watching movies legally. There are also a few Fmovie alternative sites. Namely:

1. Youtube

Youtube is obe of the best source to stream movies like Fmovies legally

This is an American video-sharing website with headquarters in San Bruno, California. Through YouTube, users can upload, rate, share, view, comment on videos, and add to playlists. It is a legal site similar to Fmovies. The YouTube contents that you can watch include TV show clips, video clips, movies-documentary films, short films, full-length feature films, movie trailers, and ad videos. Individuals upload most of the YouTube content. The videos and movies available on YouTube get innumerable views each day like 9anime, depending on the quality, engagement, and trend. In 2015, YouTube launched and introduced the world to its secondary mobile app YouTube Kids. 

Features of YouTube

● The primary video formats used by YouTube are H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and VP9, as well as the Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP protocol.

● YouTube videos earlier would demand an Adobe Flash Player plug-in to be installed in the browser in order to be viewed by the onlooker. In 2010 it reviewed this particular feature.

● This Google product has this unique feature of uploading videos up to 15 minutes each in duration. The videos uploaded on Youtube mainly include the formats of MP4, AVI, FLV, QuickTime File Format, MPEG-PS.

● Initially, Youtube offered videos at one quality level that was displayed at a resolution of 320×240 pixels using the Sorenson Spark codec. Today, Youtube videos are available in a wide range of quality levels.

● Early, experiments with the concept of live streaming were carried out by Youtube back in 2009. The live streaming of the U2 concert was carried out by Youtube. 

● In 2009 it was announced by Peter Bradshaw, the software engineer of Youtube, that users could upload 3D videos. These 3D videos could be watched by wearing 3D glasses for experiencing 3D features.

Pros and Cons of YouTube


● It is quite a cheap and easy way to reach the media.

● On YouTube, you can view almost any video.

● There are a wide variety of videos available on YouTube.

● YouTube enables you to stay up to date with all the new videos, trailers, news, etc.

● YouTube is a great platform to express your creativity.

● It can also be viewed as a learning platform. Learning on YouTube is not only confined to academics, but one can learn a lot of skills as well. For instance, YouTube has some excellent channels that provide cooking classes.

● Marketing on YouTube is easy, cheap, and convenient.


● YouTube channel can be terminated in any instance, violating the copyrights or the rules related to terms of service.

● It has an annoying feature of displaying ads at the beginning and even in the middle of the videos. 

● It lacks customer service. There is no way to contact anyone from YouTube in case of any doubts.

● There is a chance of your video to lose its ranking after a few weeks as there are millions of videos ing updated daily.

2. Netflix

Netflix free movie streaming site like Fmovies

It is a US-based production company and media services provider headquartered in California. The primary business of the company includes its subscription-based streaming service that offers users online streaming from a library of television and streaming programs, including the ones that are produced in-house. As of 2019, it has been observed that Netflix has over 148 million paid subscriptions worldwide. The availability of this site is restricted to a few countries like Syria, China, and North Korea. It has its offices in India, South Korea, Brazil, Japan, and the Netherlands. The elementary business model of Netflix included DVD sales as well as rentals by mail, but the rentals were dismissed after a year. In the year 2010, This movie streaming site made a significant expansion to its business by introducing streaming media while retaining the Blu-ray and DVD rental business.

Features of Netflix

● It offers you this unique feature of setting up multiple accounts. One can add up to five different user profiles.

● A unique feature of Netflix is that it allows you to watch multiple shows at the same time. The premium subscription of Netflix enables users to stream movies and videos on four devices at once.

● When it comes to rating, Netflix has chosen a more binary approach. A show or movie can be rated on Netflix with either thumb up or thumb down option.

● Watching a lot of Netflix on your tablet and smartphone can seriously consume an immense amount of data. Netflix allows you to change the amount of data used at any time- starting from about 4 hours per GB to an unlimited plan.

● There are moments and situations where there is no scope for internet availability. Therefore, all you can do is download shows when the internet is available and watch the downloaded shows later.

● Wifi only downloads- Netflix gives you the option of downloading through wifi to save masses of mobile data.

Pros and Cons


❏ It provides a cheap way of using free trials.

❏ Netflix has its own smart TV app, Smartphone app, computer app, games console app, and works on dongles too.

❏ If you are traveling and don’t want to rely on the data plan, then all you can do is download content for offline viewing.

❏ It also offers you opportunities to watch the older shows. It has in store the old and evergreen TV shows like Friends, Top Gear, Supernatural.


❏ The development of Netflix over the years has significantly reduced the value of media like television and even watching movies in theatres.

❏ One colossal flaw of this site is that its contents are based on location. The availability of movies and TV shows is excellent in the US but not good enough outside the USA.

3. Facebook

Facebook is a US-based online social media, as well as a social media service organization with headquarters in California. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with his Harvard college students Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes. Along with Amazon and Google, Facebook is considered as one of the Big Four technology companies. The Facebook services can be accessed from all the devices that have internet in it like tablets, mobile phones, personal computers. After registration, the users can create a personalized profile revealing information about themselves. They can post photos, text, and multimedia that can be shared with any other users or friends or with any different privacy settings.

Features of Facebook

● Facebook offers the unique benefit of organizing your list. You can organize your profile according to your convenience. 

● Groups are the best way to form and grow a community for marketing purposes. Being a member of the interested groups, you can get the people who might be interested in your products and services. 

● Facebook has another extension app known as the Messenger that solely focuses on sending and receiving of messages. You can now also add the messenger button to your posts. Messenger can be separately used from mobile phone and laptop/desktop.

● Like Fmovies, you can also stream videos and songs on Facebook. Facebook has come up with these added features of videos being played and shared on the platform. 

Pros and Cons


❏ There is an invaluable advantage of keeping in touch with your friends and relatives on Facebook. Facebook lets you contact all the people you have known for ages and enable you to stay in contact with them.

❏ If there is something significant happening in your life, then Facebook allows you to share it with others through their medium.

❏ The Facebook Timeline is ordered chronologically and, therefore, enables you to look back on time.


❏ Facebook has often been observed as a source of addiction among the youth, and as a result, it is criticized by many people as a time-waster.

❏ Lacks privacy- Your life is made public as soon as you become an active member of Facebook. From the happy incidents to the unfortunate ones, people can post, comment, and share anything and everything on Facebook.

❏ As Facebook gets to know every little detail about you, your profile is targeted for advertisement. 

❏ Cyber Bullying is another rising trend through the Facebook medium. 

4. Dailymotion

Like Fmovies, Dailymotion is a French video-sharing technology. It is a platform that is primarily owned by Vivendi. The site Dailymotion is available worldwide in 25 languages, along with 43 localized versions that feature local homepages stuffed with varied interesting content. It is present in 43 countries, including Australia, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Japan.


● Dailymotion has a redesigned user interface that gives utmost priority to content discovery and personalized recommendations.

● The focus is on must-see video contents on across four essential verticals such as sports, entertainment, music, and news. Priority is always given to the premium materials from the top storytellers and publishers.

● Dailymotion has introduced a new HTML5 video player as well as search algorithms designed so that surfacing and streaming content can be made easier.

Pros and Cons


❏ Unlimited bandwidth and storage 

❏ Easily pick up subbed and dubbed content

❏ Few restrictions in terms of uploading


❏ The video size cannot exceed 2GB.

❏ Even for paid accounts, analytics are limited.

❏ Video duration cannot be more than 60 minutes.

5. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is an American internet video-on-demand service that has been owned, developed, and operated by Amazon. It also offers films and shows for rent and purchase. The users can acquire everything within a minute. The users can download favorite videos and watch them later based on their needs. It is an extremely viable option to gain wholesome entertainment and fun.


● One distinctive feature of Prime video is that the videos can be viewed without the endless hassle of ads.

● Amazon Prime Videos has this feature where you can share your membership with your friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc.

● Prime Video lets you set controls and put radars on the things viewed by your child. 

Pros and Cons


❏ The Amazon Prime video service comes with discounts and offers videos instantly. These videos are available to the viewers whenever they search for them.

❏ There are millions of Amazon Prime members all across the globe.

❏ Members also have the facility to enjoy millions of music of any genre and region. Any device can access this music content.

❏ It saves a lot of data compared to other platforms


❏ Sometimes malicious people might have access to some confidential data as there happens to be a mostly integrated network of buyers and sellers. 

❏ Many cities in the world do not have access to the services provided by Amazon, as it is absent from many towns. 

6. Eros now

Stream Hollywood movies in Erosnow like Fmovies

Like Fmovies, Netflix, Amazon Prime Eros Now is also a subscription-based video on demand site with its headquarters in India. It was launched in 2012 as a South Asian and Indian media and entertainment platform. Eros is mainly owned and controlled by Eros Digital, the digital media extension arm of Eros International Pictures. The network offers mostly video on demand as well as media streaming services. This digital platform can be accessed from all Internet-connected screens like tablets, smart TVs, mobile, and web.

Features of Eros Now

● Ad-free streaming

● Watch on any device

● Specific subscription fee: monthly and yearly.

Pros and Cons


❏ Free access to unlimited songs and downloads

❏ Cheap subscription plans compared to Netflix or Amazon Prime

❏ Ample of Indian contents available.


❏ Content is minimal

❏ Service is not fair enough compared to Netflix or Amazon prime

❏ Poor video quality.

7. Snagfilms

Stream classic movies in Snagflims like Fmovies

Snagfilms is a site whose primary purpose involves offering to advertise supported documentaries as well as independent films. The website contains a library of merely over 5000 movies. This site includes documentaries that are produced by 

National Geographic. This one comes up with vibrant and dynamic designs that aid people to make the search easier


● Skipping introductions- Being on a binge session, sitting through a lengthy opening title sequence can give users a hard time. Snagfilms has the pleasing “Skip Intro” button.

● Watch on any device

● Ad-free video streaming- One distinctive feature of Snagfilms is that the videos can be viewed without the continuous annoyance of ads.

Pros and Cons


❏ Thousands of movies are available irrespective of their genre and language.

❏ Movies can be watched with respect to your idolized film stars.

❏ Maintain lots of genres.


❏ Pretty heavy on battery life.

❏ Problems can be seen when you stream at higher qualities.

8. Popcornflix


Another site that offers over the top services like the free ad-supported streaming video of feature-length movies as well as webisodes. Screen Media Ventures basically owns Popcornflix LLC. The idea of this website was conceived in July 2010, and then it further went into live beta in March 2011. The service is presently accessible in the United States and Canada only. It is available on a number of platforms like Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPhone, Ipad, etc.


● Multiple Player options

● Advertisements are shown that are usually short

● Have two convenient apps.

Pros and Cons


❏ Short advertisements

❏ No video buffering

❏ Has a separate app for kids


❏ Limited access

❏ Not available worldwide

❏ Video quality is poor

9. Film Chest

Film Chest is a media company that is privately held and specializes in restoring, archiving, licensing as well as the distribution of films. Its headquarters are in Connecticut, Bridgeport. The business of Film Chest distributes consumer DVDs and also sells digital content via online outlets like Apple’s iTunes store.


● It provides the license of its movies to multiple TV networks.

Pros and Cons


❏ Offers high-quality video services

❏ Has a wide range of classic movies

❏ It is excellent for great design and layout

❏ It keeps up a large community.


❏ Film Chest is not a very popular name. As a result, people are not much aware of it.

❏ The customer services are not up to the mark. 

❏ Disturbing video ads and pop-ups

10. Yidio

Free movies in Yidio

It is the abbreviation for Your Internet Video. It is actually a video aggregator. The platform of this site collects the contents from multiple from many subscription-based video streaming providers. It usually consolidates video streaming from providers like Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Prime.


● It offers different content by gathering all providers as well as the subject matter onto one platform.

● The home screen of Yidio shows new releases and recently aired television programs.

● The users can navigate everything on the site without any hassle.

● The platform of Yidio has one million movies and TV shows.

Pros and Cons


❏ It has a large aggregate of contents.

❏ The interface of Yidio provides ratings from Rotten tomatoes.

❏ Attractive and friendly interface


❏ Not available throughout the world

❏ The video quality needs to improve

❏ Downloading takes a lot of time, hence a bit boring.

11. Classiccinemasonline

Classic cinemas online is a platform that streams movies free online, covering all the genres right from drama to comedy. If you are a lover of classic films, then classic cinemas are the go-to website for you. It is a perfect stroll down memory lane and a look at classic filmmaking at its best.


● Classic Cinemas Online streams hundreds of outstanding movies.

● Their collection is extensive, and people of every kind of taste can enjoy.

● Watching movies here is free of cost.

Pros and Cons


❏ Has a collection of a vast genre of movies

❏ You can avail of the opportunity to watch old and rare silent films.

❏ Streaming movies is free


❏ The collection is mainly focused on old films. As a matter of fact, the stream of movies is not diverse.

❏ Video quality is not very good.

❏ Some movies of classic cinema online are not hosted on their site but are instead found on YouTube.

12. Corporate Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an American streaming service that is owned by Viacom media. The service was founded in 2013 and had its headquarters located in California. Pluto TV is primarily an on-demand service that is free and is an ad-supported VOD service. It focuses on distributing its content through digital linear channels that are designed to emulate the experience of traditional broadcast programming.


● Corporate Pluto TV collects information without the need for registration.

● Pluto TV engages in online behavioral advertising.

Pros and Cons


❏ Registration not required

❏ Enables content sharing


❏ No privacy is guaranteed

❏ Does not have a broad collection of videos

Download Corporate Pluto TV app now

 13. Solarmovie


Solar is a genuine movie streaming site similar to Fmovies. It contains multiple movies like thrillers, action, adventure, horror, short films, web series and also animation movies similar to Gogoanime. You can find out content in the form of short series, movies, different season topping shows, and a lot more.


● No membership is required.

● Wide range of movies available.

Pros and Cons


❏ Content is free

❏ Maintain lots of genres

❏ Information about movies are available


❏ Streaming is slow

❏ Video quality is poor

❏ Users feel irritation when seeing ads.

14. Con TV

ConTV streams live TV channels like Fmovies

Con TV is primarily a multi-platform OTT service providing content to the comic con community. It was launched in 2015 for comic lovers. It is a great alternative that offers a wide range of anime shows, movies, and videos.


● Features programming in numerous genres like Action, Anime, Fantasy, Horrors, Cartoon.

● Has released the original feature that has been premiered on Con TV.

Pros and Cons


❏ Is a treat for comic lovers

❏ Has an extensive collection for people to cherish

❏ You can pick up English dubbed content


❏ Portrays vulgarity

❏ Wait for some time to access anime show


Retrovisionclassicmovies streams classic animation Fmovies and Kissanimation for free

Retrovision is a Fmovies similar site that streams movies for free. To watch movies on Retrovision TV, you don’t need any kind of subscription as it is free. Whether you want to get a different range of anime contents same as Kissanime, you can move to this source first and pick up the file as you need.


● No registration is required

● Has a vast range of movies in its collection

Pros and Cons


❏ Watching movies is free

❏ Has a multitude of a broad genre of movies


❏ Not available in every region

❏ Video quality is yet to improve.


Today there is no shortage of ways for entertainment. Sites similar to Fmovies are a real retreat for the movie, and TV shows lover as they provide content for free. Live streaming has reached new dimensions today, and it has become effortless for internet users to watch movies, sports, shows, or anything on their mobile, tablets, or smartphones. Besides movies and sports streaming sites, there are also a few music streaming sites too, namely Spotify, Gaana, and Wynk. Today, there are no issues regarding the quality of videos, as technological advancement has made everything almost perfect for the viewers. People never miss the chance to enjoy watching their favorite content on different platforms. 

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