Fix “DNS Server address could not be found” in Chrome


While Google Chrome is the most popular of the Chromium-based browsers, and it does not usually cause major problems for its users, from time to time there may be a mishap when using it. One of the most repeated is the one that involves the impossibility of finding the address of the DNS Server, which prevents being able to open certain pages on the Internet. Therefore, in this article we teach you several tutorials to sort out the error «DNS Server address could not be found»In your browser Google Chrome. The first thing you should know is that this failure, which you can quickly distinguish by the accompanying message that we have cited, has several potential causes and, as such, various potential solutions.

Fix “DNS Server address could not be found”

Check your connection

The first thing you should do when you see this problem is check your internet connectionas you may not really be connected and in that case Chrome is not even to blame for the message. After all, no browser can browse the Internet without a network connection.

Try using any other service of your computer that requires Internet to see if the connection of this one works and if, indeed it does, that means that the problem is with Chrome.

Check the proxy settings

Another possible cause is an offline or invalid proxy server. It may be that you or an app on your desktop has configured a specific proxy that, for some reason, has stopped working. What you have to do then is set up a new proxy or disable it entirely, like this: With Chrome closed, click on Start and look for Proxy and Proxy Settings In the Proxy Settings window, disable Automatically detect settings Scroll down to Manual Proxy settings and disable this function as well Normally, when you open Chrome again the message should have missing.

DNS server find Chrome 3

Change network adapter settings

You can also fix “DNS Server address could not be found” in Chrome by taking a look at the network adapter settings, initially automated to find IP addresses. What happens is that if that configuration was edited, IP and DNS will need to be configured manually: Open the Control Panel and choose Network and Internet Select Network and Sharing Center Click on the option Change adapter settings You will see all the network adapters, so open the Properties of the one you use Go to Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) to see its current properties Select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server addresses automatically Once the changes are accepted, restart Chrome to check if everything is fixed.

Update the network driver

Another cause of network problems is the lack of suitable drivers for the hardware, which often results from outdated or the installation of network drivers that are not exactly what you need. Luckily 10 does a great job of search and install drivers automatically: Open File Explorer Right click on This PC and go to Manage In the left bar, go to System Tools and Device Manager You will see several categories, such as Network adapters, so right click and Update driver Windows will take the trouble to find different ones driver updates and install them on your own Eventually, you also have the ability to install manufacturer-provided drivers.

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Use the Windows Troubleshooter

Google Chrome won’t be able to function properly if your network is misconfigured, but you can still trust the folks at Google on this, like their Windows Troubleshooter. Open Start and go to Settings Once it opens, go to Internet connections Click Run the Troubleshooter and follow the instructions Generally, the Windows Troubleshooter can give you a good hand in this regard, although you should keep in mind that Sometimes, it only gives you the instructions so that you can take care of solving them.

Restart the Windows service DNS client

Windows uses a service called DNS client to cache DNS and record computer names, saving time. From time to time, it may not work and need to be restarted: Press Win + R to see the Run box Type services.msc and hit Enter to see Windows services Scroll down to find DNS Client, and click + el el Right-click Once there, select Stop, and wait a couple of minutes until the service stops completely. When it does, right-click on the DNS Client service and select Start to restart. Have you been able to solve «The DNS Server address could not be found »in Chrome with these tricks? Share it with your friends!

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