First netbilling photovoltaic plant that follows the sun’s rays is inaugurated in Melipilla – Energy Magazine


The plant belonging to Agrícola San Telmo is the first of its kind in Chile that uses the tracker system and employs cleaning robots, thus avoiding excessive use of water.

Santiago de Chile.- The renewable energy projects company GEOM, together with Agrícola San Telmo, started the operation of its photovoltaic plant that has an installed capacity of 1,059 kWp (divided into 3 plants of 353 kWp), which delivers the energy required for the irrigation of all the hectares planted by the farm. The solar project is connected to 3 junctions, which through the Netbilling Law offset the consumption of the 6 junctions of the agricultural property.

Each of these 1,980 panels with 535 Wp power is located on a structure with “trackers” that work to follow the path of the sun and thus increase the efficiency of the plant, which is an innovation for netbilling projects.

“We have implemented this technology that will allow us to reduce our spending on electricity consumption in the field, improving the profitability of our business. In addition, this project will allow us to certify the reduction of the carbon footprint in our production, a requirement that will be a requirement of the future in the foreign markets where our fruit is sold,” he declared. Raimundo Cuadra, manager of Agrícola San Telmo.

Agrícola San Telmo is dedicated to the production of nuts, avocados, lemons and oranges. To carry out this task, taking into account the current water crisis, the panels have a maintenance system that uses robots that carry out dry cleaning twice a week, thus avoiding excessive use of water.

The solar project generates 2,229,000 kWh of energy per year, offsetting 858 tons of CO2 emitted annually by fossil fuel plants of the national electricity matrix. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of 280 homes, the planting of 71,200 trees or more than 5,500,000 annual km traveled by combustion cars.

Water scarcity and solar panels:

In addition to being an important benefit for caring for the environment and for mitigating global warming, renewable energy from photovoltaic plants and solar panels allows for a lower average cost per unit of energy, which mitigates additional energy costs. that is required to deal with the water scarcity that affects us.

Fernando Rey, commercial manager of Geom, points out that “Due to the continuous drought in recent years, more energy is required to maintain the water requirement of the plantations. Solar plants for self-consumption allow the generation consumption of the electrical matrix to be reduced, which generates net savings for the user along with contributing to a more distributed, clean and renewable local energy matrix. In turn, all surplus energy delivered by San Telmo Solar is injected into the network, contributing to the use of renewable energy in the environment”.

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