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With a range of up to 140 kilometers, it reaches 45km/h and can transport up to 400 kilos of cargo, the electric-powered mobile can distribute 5-kilo gas cylinders.

Santiago de Chile.- As of June, the Partner Van G4, the country’s first electric liquefied gas delivery vehicle, began to circulate through the streets of Santiago. The car has a range of up to 140 kilometers, reaches 45 km/h and can carry up to 400 kilos of cargo, which is why it distributes only 5 kilo cylinders.

The Lipigas electric vehicle is currently on a trial run and initially circulates through the districts of Providencia and Ñuñoa. At the end of the year, the company expects to increase the fleet of this type to expand coverage and grow this more sustainable delivery alternative.

The vehicle has a 3,000-watt motor that is powered by two lithium batteries that are charged directly from the electrical network, which allows for a large reduction in CO2 annually. For example, compared to a car that uses fossil fuels, this delivery method can reduce a total of 8.62 tons of CO2eq per year per vehicle. In addition, it is equipped with all the necessary safety measures for the driver, such as a seat belt, a reversing camera, among others.

Lipigas will measure efficiency on issues such as the reduction of fuel use, the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery, the reduction of the carbon footprint, among other aspects. After concluding this stage, the expansion of this program to new communes of the urban radius of the Metropolitan Region will be evaluated.

Alberto Orlandi, LPG Chile manager of Lipigas, pointed out that “this first electric mobile for the distribution of gas in the industry will allow us to reach people in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We believe that it will generate a positive impact in various aspects, with a significant decrease in the emission of polluting gases. With this, we intend little by little to decarbonize our transport fleet to carry our products in means of transport powered by cleaner energies.”

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