Firefox extensions to compare prices and save when buying online


You also have the possibility to send us an email or a notification via Facebook or Twitter when the desired product has fallen in price. In addition, it has support for the different Amazon platforms around the world, so it is valid not only for Amazon Spain, but also for the United States, Germany, France and other countries where the e-commerce giant operates.

To enjoy Keepa you don’t need to register, just download it from the Firefox Store. - Amazon Price Tracker - Amazon Price Tracker

The Camelizer

The main feature that Caramelizer is known for is being able to provide us with charts on price history at the bottom of the screen for a product sold on Amazon. In this way we can decide if the current purchase price is good, based on the historical data it provides us. The extension not only works in Amazon Spain, but also in other stores of the firm in Europe, such as Italy, Germany or France, as well as the United States and Canada.

The Camelizer

Once downloaded and installed, its use does not have any difficulty, since it will only be necessary to access any product within its platform and click on its logo so that a panel with its price history appears. Within your information you offer us what was your lowest price on Amazon, as well as its evolution within a given period of time. In addition, we can configure it so that it sends us a notification if a product is below a price that we establish.

Download and install The Camelizer for free and learn how to buy cheaper on Amazon from Firefox.

The Camelizer - Price Tracker The Camelizer - Price Tracker

Add-ons to buy on eBay

Another of the most popular online stores worldwide on eBay. In its beginnings it was known for auctioning and selling second-hand items, but it has now become a whole Marketplace.

eBay Safe Sellers

This extension handles protect buyers of possible fraud on the platform by malicious sellers, for this it is based on an index of negative comments. In this way, we can be convinced that when we buy we do so from a reliable seller, because they will only show us trusted sellers.

eBay Safe Sellers

The extension is responsible for retrieving the feedback data of an eBay seller and we will obtain the results obtained. We will be able to specify the safe threshold from which we can determine if a seller is safe, adjusting the percentage until we adapt to a model of seller comments that is more or less restrictive.

If we want to get rid of sellers with low ratings and save money by buying safely, all we have to do is download eBay Safe Sellers.

eBay Safe Sellers eBay Safe Sellers

Search by image for eBay

By using this extension for Firefox, we can search for products within the platform and find similar products both on eBay and on other Alibaba, Taobao, Shoope or JD stores. Through her, we will also have access to a price historyso we can check the price that a certain product has had within eBay in a period of 3 to 6 months.

Search by image for eBay

This plugin also has the notification function as soon as the price drop occurs within eBay of any of our favorite products, so we will receive a notice as soon as the price drops. In addition, it is capable of showing us products similar to the one we are looking for and that are available in other stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Wish at the top of the screen.

We can download Search by image for eBay from the Firefox Browser Add-ons.

Search by image for eBay Search by image for eBay

Compare prices and discount coupons

The accessories that we are going to see next are the ones in charge of offering us a price comparison between different stores so that we can always opt for the lowest price. They also detect valid discount coupons without the need for us to search for them on our own.

Invisible Hand

This extension is going to be in charge of helping us in a discreet way comparing prices during our online purchases. This is always hidden while we browse the Internet and is only activated when we access a shopping website, to compare the price from over 1000 websites. In addition, if there is a discount coupon that we can benefit from, it would show it to us so that we can always buy at the best price.

Invisible Hand

Among its features, it offers the possibility of comparing prices in real time, informing us if it is possible to find the product we are looking for at a lower price on other websites. But not only can we benefit from low prices since it also works when searching for flights and hotels, so that we can find the cheapest offer. Download Invisible Hand for Firefox and start saving.

InvisibleHand InvisibleHand


Many stores enable online shopping coupons for users to spend when shopping on their website. Price Blink takes care of both find coupons like comparing prices, so that we can always opt for the lowest prices when buying online. We will be able to know at the moment if a certain product that we are looking at is available at a lower price in other stores since it is compatible with more than 11000 stores that operate over the Internet.


But not only does it compare products and show us possible discount coupons, but it will also keep us informed about the options that other users have made about a certain product, in order to determine if we are really looking at the right product and what we need. We can download Price Blink for free for our Firefox browser.

PriceBlink - Price Comp & Coupons PriceBlink - Price Comp & Coupons

cashback services

The add-ons for Firefox that we are going to see next are specialized in cashback services. This means that, by buying through them in their associated stores, we can obtain a reimbursement percentage of what was spent, making our purchases even cheaper.


This extension works as a reimbursement service through which we can save even more when making our purchases online, since we can obtain up to 40% cashback for each purchase made within its associated stores. One of its most important sections is to have anti-fraud protection, which allows us to verify if the sellers are reliable and if they are not, we avoid buying from them.

Megabonus cashback service

Megabonus has more than three thousand associated stores from where we can get refunds on our purchases. Many of them are tremendously popular like AliExpress, Druni or Booking, to give a few examples. At the time we want to withdraw our savings we can do it by bank card or using PayPal. Also has referral policytherefore, any friend who registers from our link will provide us with up to an additional 50% of their generated cashback.

We can install this extension from the Firefox store.

Megabonus - cash back up to 40% Megabonus - cash back up to 40%


This complement has more than 400 associated pages from where to make our purchases to obtain a cashback, that is, a reimbursement percentage on the value of our purchase. We will have pages as famous as AliExpress, Booking or ASOS, to give just a few examples, so that we can get up to 20% cashback per year. Just by registering on their platform and installing the extension we will have the first 4 euros of balance. Once our account reaches a minimum of 20 euros, we can withdraw them.


With iGRAAL we will also have the possibility of having access to discount codes that we can use through its extension within its associated brands. The extension will also notify us whenever there is a new offer available on our favorite brands, as well as when we earn a new cashback in our iGraal account or when we can request a payment.

Install iGRAAL and start saving on your Internet purchases.

IGRAAL - Cashback and discount codes IGRAAL - Cashback and discount codes

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