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The Kit Digital program seeks to finance the digital transformation costs of small and medium-sized companies, as well as the self-employed, including those in the sports sector

(18-3-2022) From March 15, all companies with more than 10 and less than 50 employees that meet the criteria of the call, can now apply for aid from the Digital Kit Program. Cosmomedia, Accredited Digitizing Agent answers the 10 most common doubts that assail SMEs, in the processing and management of the Digital Kit.

Cosmomedia, accredited Digitizing Agent, answers the 10 most common doubts that assail SMEs, in the processing and management of the Kit Digital European aid program, which seeks to finance the costs of the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies. They have to do, mainly, with the phases of the call, with the requirements and with the services to benefit from the aid.

How do I know if my company is eligible for these grants?

The requirements to access the aid of the Digital Kit Program are quite general and easy to meet. Through an online test that Cosmomedia has enabled, the SME can know in just over a minute whether or not it meets the criteria for the subsidy.

What criteria are they?

They must be either self-employed (people in a self-employed situation) or SMEs, that is, small companies with fiscal domicile in Spain, that do not exceed 50 workers (a company can compute 49.5 workers if it has part-time staff ). As a company, it must be registered in the Census of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Retainers of the State Tax Administration Agency or in the equivalent census of the Foral Tax Administration. It must not have the technical consideration of a company in crisis, it must be up to date with payments of tax obligations and Social Security and not be subject to a pending recovery order from the European Commission or within the prohibitions established by the General Law of Grants.

How do I apply for help, if I meet the criteria?

The first thing each company must do is register on the Acelera Pyme website and carry out the digital diagnostic test. You can also reach an agreement with an accredited Digitizing Agent to act as a volunteer Representative, which is the figure that can process the subsidy. The figure of Voluntary Representative is intended precisely to speed up the entire process, so that the SME can disassociate itself from these issues, delegating to an authority that manages everything.

How can I know if a company is a Digitizing Agent?

The official list of Digitizing Agents can be found on the AceleraPyme website, with a search engine that allows filtering by name, location and by type of Digital Kit Program solution.

Only the attached Digitizing Agents can develop the services of the Digital Kit, so the SME and the self-employed must only formalize the agreement with the duly accredited Digitizer.

How much help am I entitled to?

Depending on the segment in which each company is located, they can
obtain from 2,000 euros (micro-companies and freelancers) 6,000 euros, if
have between 3 and less than 10 employees and up to 12,000 euros (SMEs of
largest workforce, with more than 10 and less than 50 workers).

How much can the SME invest the aid in different digital solutions?

The Digital Voucher obtained by beneficiary SMEs can be used for different digital services, as long as they are within the 10 Solutions established by the Digital Kit Program. Depending on the solution you choose and the business segment you are in, you can “redeem” more or less for each service.

* Website and Internet Presence, up to €2,000
* Electronic commerce, up to €2,000
* Management of social networks, up to €2,500
* Client management, up to €4,000
* BI and analytics, up to €4,000
* Virtual office services, up to €12,000
* Process management, up to €6,000
* Electronic invoice, up to €1,000
* Secure communications, up to €6,000
* Cybersecurity, up to €6,000

Can I hire a service that exceeds the amount of the aid?

Companies that contract services with a cost higher than the aid granted by the Digital Kit Program must directly agree to pay the difference with the Digitizing Agent, assuming that cost independently of the amount of the aid.

Do I have to contract a new digital service with the help or can I improve one that I already have?

The company can redeem its Digital Voucher to acquire a new digital service that it did not previously have or to improve an already implemented digital service, as long as it involves a “functional improvement”, linked to “that the replaced solution does not meet any of the requirements minimum requirements”, indicates the call

Can associations request the Digital Kit?

As a general rule, any entity with economic activity and its own legal personality can apply for financial aid. In other words, if a non-profit association is considered a small business, micro-business or self-employed person, regardless of its legal form, you can request your Digital Voucher.

Excluded are “individuals or legal entities that are Affiliated Digitizing Agents, those with whom they contract or subcontract for the provision, in whole or in part, of digitization solutions; companies of a public nature and public law entities; professional associations, civil societies, communities of property, communities of owners in a horizontal property regime or any other type of economic unit or separate patrimony that lacks legal personality”, specifies the call.

Who collects the aid of the Digital Kit?

The Digitizing Agent that develops the contracted digital service or solution. The company receives a “Digital Voucher” to be exchanged for specific solutions or services, but at no time does it receive the financial amount directly.

If I am not in the first call for 10 to 49 employees, can I process the Digital Kit now?

Businesses that are not in the first segment of companies of the open call on March 15 (with more than 10 and less than 50 employees) can start the procedures to present their application when their call comes out.

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