Fagde is committed to delving into the sum of forces of its member associations


Assembly FAGDE 10

Fagde held its first assembly of this 2022 in a telematic format

(16-3-2022) Fagde values ​​and claims the need to deepen collaboration between the 12 regional entities that make it up. Last week, the Federation of Sports Management Associations of Spain held its first assembly of this 2022 in telematic format.

The pandemic reinforced the role that associations play in defending the sports sector. In this sense, Fagde highlights the need to delve into the collaboration of the autonomous entities that make it up: Agesport (Andalusia); Geda (Aragon); Agepib (Balearic Islands); Gepacv (C. Valenciana); Acagede (Canary Islands); Acanged (Cantabria); Agdcm (Castilla-La Mancha); Agedecyl (Castile and León); Acgep (Catalonia); Agedex (Extremadura); Agaxede (Galicia); Riogesport (La Rioja), Circle of Sports Managers of Madrid (C. Madrid); Kait (Basque Country); Forum Astur (Asturias) and Agesde (Murcia).

“Fagde is the sum of the activities of its associations, and uniting them, we have a force that we are not aware of”, said the president of the organization, Fernando Paris, after assessing the data of the 2021 Report, presented in assembly . In it, 61 training and informative activities promoted throughout the past 2021 by the different autonomous entities are counted, as well as another 51 of an institutional nature or public presence. Likewise, a total of 116 informative products were transferred to the associates.

In the same report, the three meetings held with representatives of the Higher Sports Council (Csd) stand out, the last of which ended with the signing of a collaboration agreement. Contacts have also been maintained with other agents of the Spanish sports system, such as Adesp, the Fundación España Activa, Aeesdap, Aepsad and Fneid.

Strategic Plan 2022-25

With an eye on the future, the Fagde assembly approved a strategic plan for the 2022-25 period that includes 40 measures that must be reviewed periodically for their actual implementation.

The approval was given to the celebration of the IV Congress of Gagde, which will be held jointly with the VIII of Gepacv, within the framework of its 25th anniversary, on October 20 and 21.

Fagde is also studying the possibility of promoting two training actions related to training in public contracting of concessions and sports services, which would be developed in coordination with the Spanish Association of Businessmen of Sports Services to Public Administrations (Aeesdap).

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