Flickr Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Flickr


Nothing beats the Internet’s ability to create different platforms for creators. If you love photography, then you might’ve heard of Flickr. Flickr has been around for a while now. And, it has been one of the platforms that photographers use to publish their photos. Now that the Flickr app is here, more people have been posting their works, photos, and creations.

Flickr contains a variety of works from different artists and people alike. It can be a great place to look for information or inspiration. But what more can you do with the Flickr app? Can you download photos with it? Is there anything else that you can use to make your experience better?

These are some of the most-asked questions that we will answer in this article. You will know some ways to streamline your experience with the app. Use this as a guide or a basic tutorial for you to see what you can do with Flickr.

The Flickr Mobile App

You will not have to worry if you use Android or iOS as the flickr app is available to both platforms. For iOS users, simply go to the Apple App Store then search for the Flickr Mobile App then download it. You can find the Flickr Mobile App on your iCloud folder. Heads up, your iCloud will only store the download history.

If you ever uninstall Flickr, you will find a cloud that has an arrow-down icon beside it if every you decide to install Flickr again. Good to know that everything will be easier the second time around.

For Android users, everything about the process is the same. Head to the Android Play Store and search for the Flickr app and then download it. Note that if you are using newer versions of Huawei, you may have trouble finding Flickr on the App Store). You can download the app in a relatively short time, same with iOS users.

Your Flickr Profile And Account

Now that you are done with the download and install, you can now set up your Flickr profile and account. Users that already have an existing profile on Flickr can go straight to the log in section. However, if you are new to Flickr, you do not have to worry about any lengthy registration process.

You can key-in and connect Flickr with your G-Mail or Facebook account. I guess it is safe to assume that almost everyone on Earth has a Facebook account, so the registration will be easy and quick.

Connecting your Facebook account is also useful whenever you have a photography background. It can also help you when you have something to showcase on both Facebook and Flickr. This way, you can set up links of your new uploads into your Facebook timeline.

Short Guide Into Downloading Photos

Now that you finished setting up your Flickr account, you can now have access to Flickr. You can now download all the photos from every user, artist, and photographer that also uses Flickr as their platform. But, you may ask: how?

If you plan on downloading a single photo, all you need to do is first: save your selected content. Everything that you save will automatically find their way into your account. If you want to download the photo to your device, all you have to do is find the download button and tap it.

The same process also goes for the albums and multiple photo downloads. Remember that you need an account to do all of these actions. You can also go with a different process. Select all the photos and images that you want to download. After tapping on all of those images, tap on the download button and wait for your download to finish.

Uploading Your Photos

Like we said, Flickr is a platform for users, artists, and photographers to showcase their skills. This group of artists and photographers can also be you. Upload all of your high-quality works on Flickr. Everyone will get to see your works, both photos, and videos, on Flickr.

You also do not have to worry about your photos downsizing into lower resolutions or qualities. All any user has to do is tap on the right upload option. You will have no stress in uploading your photos. Of course, you will have to confirm your rights as the owner and set the tags for the picture.


We believe that it is enough to give Flickr props for its functionality. Photographers and artists are fairly happy to have a massive platform like Flickr to showcase their talents. The Flickr mobile app is also easy to navigate. It also has a lot of features that will help any user streamline their data sharing experience enjoyable and easy.

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