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In its pilot test, the Data Hub has been used by large operators such as Sats and Basic Fit.

(9-9-2022). After a pilot test in the United Kingdom, Data Hub, the digital tool promoted by Global and EuropeActive, is extended to the entire European fitness market. It is a digital archive that allows investments and business growth to be directed towards the most outstanding areas according to the current market situation.

DataHub is a digital archive of sports and fitness data that has been used by 250 operators and 300 local authorities in the UK.

Following a trial, in collaboration with a variety of fitness operators, including Basic Fit and SATS, Data Hub will now be rolled out across the European fitness industry.

“The European Data Hub will support business growth and, more importantly at a time of deep economic uncertainty, also unlock insights that allow investment to be properly targeted to the communities that need it most,” said Kerstin Obenauer, director of 4Global(4Global) customer service.

“We’re showing how having the right data and using it to gain insight into how to encourage people to be fitter and more active has the power to really transform people’s lives,” he added.

Social Value Calculator

As a precursor to its expansion into Europe, Data Hub was already collecting and tracking data from over 6 million users and 2,500 gyms across continental Europe.

The data collected will be used to create a European version of the company’s Social Value Calculator, and the results will be presented at next year’s European Forum on Health and Wellbeing.

The Social Value Calculator has enabled the revelation of data-driven economic insights demonstrating the financial benefits of physical activity in the UK.

As part of its agreements with the English public sector, 4Global has recently applied its Social Value Calculator to demonstrate the economic benefits of swimming in society. The result is that this discipline now pays the British healthcare system more than £357 million a year in terms of prevention. Specifically, 139 million pounds would be saved in terms of dementia, 100 million in strokes, 37 million in diabetes and 9 million in depression. For its part, the associated drop in medical appointments was valued at 51,048,348 pounds sterling.

Andreas Paulsen, CEO of Europe Active, commented: “We are excited to have started the visionary European Data Hub project with Europe Active’s key partners at this transformative time in our industry’s history. We can’t wait to see the benefits and insights this innovative tool will bring to businesses and communities across the continent.”

“With market uncertainty and volatility increasing as a result of the pandemic, inflation, energy costs, disrupted supply chains and labor shortages, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of the landscape facing businesses. of our industry. The European Data Hub will help our stakeholders make informed and fact-based decisions about its future development,” he added.

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