10 Essential Apps for College Student Survival in 2022


With a potent mix of activities and personal commitments, on the one hand, students often find it hard to find a school-life balance. Many students are forced to compromise on their activities, thus settle for a less than ideal performance.

With multiple technological advancements geared towards education, students can balance their study life and make the most of each field.

This article covers the ten essential apps for college student survival to guide you on time management and increase your productivity. Writemyessay.today is a quality resource for writing assistance and professional guidance on various topics in your course.


Evernote is a note-taking app that provides for the addition of text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, and documents. This makes for richer notes as compared to its counterparts on the market.

Even better, Evernote provides a wide variety of tools that allow for personalized notes that allow for easier recall of learned materials.

Additionally, Evernote has a strong integrated search engine that traces phrases within all your notes, thus providing faster retrieval of notes. This hastens your revision sessions and allows you to add material to related concepts.

Evernote is also compatible with a variety of productivity apps, thus ideal for multidevice usage. Finally, Evernote features a powerful scanner that allows for faster copying of notes, thus leaving you more time to comprehend your notes.

Rev Voice Recorder

Among many triggers of stress for students, taking notes in a fast-paced lecture ranks top on the list. With Rev voice recorder, you can take your time and listen to the class without jotting a single word.

Rev voice recorder transcribes the audio captured, thus provides quality material for study with various elements that improve memorization.

What makes this an ideal app for students is that it is a free app with superior sound quality. It also has a friendly interface, which drives transcription as easy as tapping a button.


Often, students partake in quality research and lose their marks to grammatical errors. With Grammarly, however, you can improve your sentences and boost your work’s clarity and readability.

Unlike its counterparts, Grammarly offers suggestions for various errors, thus helps you note your grammatical weaknesses. Even more, Grammarly is compatible with multiple apps, thus enriches your communication.


Like the former, Turnitin is an essential service for quality papers. Turnitin spots plagiarism in your work and helps you correct the plagiarized portions of your essays.

This ensures that you gain the most from your paper without having to redo the assignment based on plagiarism.

Google drive 

Previously, accessing your files on all devices implied investing in powerful storage devices to carry the documents. With google drives synch ability, however, all you need is an internet connection.

You can work on work from different devices thus can easily set camp in any location and perform your school tasks. The basic google drive package is free; therefore, an ideal package for a student budget.


College presentations can prove challenging. Prezi, however, brings in the wow factor to your work while reducing the time spent preparing a presentation. It allows you to focus on research, therefore, ensuring that you deliver a detailed appealing paper.

Even better, Prezi is fairly easy to use thus requires no video editing expertise to use.

Any Do

A to-do list is an essential element for putting your schedule into use. Unlike other planner apps, Any Do provides many features that ensure that you achieve each session’s planned tasks.

The app provides sticky notes, a daily planner, and a reminder app, which help you spend your time as set out in the schedule.

Microsoft office lens

Microsoft office lens is among the few apps revolutionizing note-taking. Like Evernote, Office lens provides for scanning material under study and conversion to pdf, Word, PowerPoint, and saving to the cloud or your local device.

This allows you to concentrate on revision as opposed to spending much of your time on note-taking.


Dropbox also ranks among the few cloud storage solutions for students. This allows you to access documents easily and saves you from investing in costly storage devices.


Finances are among the tricky elements in a student’s life. Mint allows students to keep track of their expenditure, thus helping them adopt healthy spending habits. Additionally, mint enables you to create financial goals that help you balance your accounts.

Final Verdict

The campus is hard. For every daunting task, however, there is an app that reduces your burden. These ten apps are among our top picks for productivity, time management, and stellar essays.

You may also opt to engage professionals and senior students for various tasks, thus managing assignments without risking your mental wellbeing.

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