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It is a Small Medium Distributed Generation (PMGD) of 9 MW of installed capacity that will require an investment of 9 million dollars in the Coquimbo Region.

Coquimbo, Chile.- The Coquimbo Region continues to add energy investment projects, after the Environmental Assessment Commission today approved the declaration of a solar park in the Buenos Aires commune.

This is the Cerrillos Photovoltaic Project, with an installed capacity of 9 MW, whose energy is equivalent to the average consumption of 9,000 homes in a year, and will be located about 5 kilometers northwest of the town of El Peñón. The initiative – a Small Distributed Generation Means (PMGD) – will be located on an area of ​​27 hectares and will have an investment of 9 million dollars.

The foregoing translates into the installation of 23,500 solar panels, and a subsequent increase in the voltage of the energy, which will be evacuated through a line until it connects to the Las Tacas feeder. The construction of the project will require the creation of about 50 jobs.

The Energy Seremi, María Castillo Rojas, stated that “the approval of the environmental declaration of this photovoltaic park in the Coquimbo commune will contribute to cleaning the energy matrix of the Region, and will provide clean energy to the National Electric System. It is the path that we are going to continue as a Government, and that will allow us to advance in the development of these renewable projects, which are friendly to the environment and that will help the decarbonization goals of the Region and the country.”

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