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Based on an exhaustive assessment and evaluation of the issues that are most important for updating the matter in the pulp, paper, energy and mining industries, this new version also includes stakeholders within the company’s value chain. .

Concepcion, Chile.- As part of its continuous renewal and development, the company that provides and develops technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper, energy and mining industries, has renewed its 360° Sustainability Agenda. This new version includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) perspectives for sustainability, and covers the entire value chain of the company, including the supply chain, its own operations and the use of its technologies by its clients.

The renewed agenda is based on an assessment and evaluation of the most relevant issues in terms of sustainability, which are of great relevance to Valmet’s business and the stakeholders within the company’s value chain. All major themes have concrete goals and action plans embedded in the company’s annual planning process.

In this sense, the main topics are: Environment: Circularity, Climate, Environmental Efficiency; Social: Committed work environment, Health and safety, Corporate citizenship; and Governance: Ethical Business Practices, Sustainable Supply Chain and Transparent Reporting.

“As a truly global company and a leader in the development and supply of technologies and services for various industries, we have a strong focus on creating sustainable business practices, contributing to a carbon neutral future,” says Anu Salonsaari-Posti, SVP, Marketing, Valmet Communications and Sustainability. “This renewed agenda creates a strong and comprehensive platform to continue our sustainability work for years to come,” she adds.

The Finnish company, which has operations in the Biobío Region for Peru, Bolivia and Chile, has systematically applied its focus on sustainability, through three-year action plans to advance its performance in the matter. Regarding the latter, its performance has been rated as the best in several prestigious sustainability indices worldwide, positioning the company among the world leaders; an example is that the firm is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and has a maximum rating of AAA in the MSCI ESG classification.

The president and CEO of the company, Pasi Laine, states that “thanks to our teams and the commitment of our collaborators around the world, we have made sustainability part of our daily work and we have integrated it into our business processes”. “This has created a strong foundation for Valmet’s development as a sustainable workplace for our workers and a trusted partner for our customers and local communities around the world,” he notes.

In turn, Pedro Paciornik, director of Strategy, Quality and Marketing of Valmet South America, comments that “as a company we have taken great steps to contribute to making the world a better place every day and we have renewed our Sustainability Agenda to guarantee that all the value chain involved in our processes has the attention, solid processes and supervision necessary to offer sustainable products and services in the three pillars of ESG”. “We have tight plans in place to continue toward our mission of turning renewable resources into sustainable outcomes,” he emphasizes.

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