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2022 has been an exciting year for the launch of new video games, some of which have already achieved the recognition that was expected of them, and others that are still trying to take offFrom Elder Ring to others that have not yet been offered on the market but should be offered soon, we review several of the must-play entertainment titles to play this year

There are so many video game releases every year that it’s not surprising that even users who consider themselves video game lovers lose sight of some of the most recent presentations in the industry. From this, it is in this new article we show you some of the best entertainment games so far in 2022, titles that you should not miss if you want to have fun.

Of course, we know that these days it’s getting harder and harder to catch the attention of gamers for quite some time. There are so many proposals to spend some time online, such as Casinorey.es, that most simply want to try them all and, unless the offer is really interesting, they will go on moving indefinitely.

And if 2021 ended with the arrival of Halo Infinite, we believe that in this 2022 there are also several video games that are well worth it, so we are going to review five of them, inviting you to leave us others that are unmissable.

5 games you have to play during 2022

After Love EP

If you like interactive fun, and you want not only good graphics but also an inspiring story, you can travel to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, to be part of this story of love and pain, in which a young musician cannot forget his beloved, and challenges us to try to help him in the processmaking fundamental decisions for the plot, and enjoying a very well achieved rhythmic gameplay.

Elden Ring

It was possibly the most anticipated game of this 2022. Since its arrival it has not disappointed anyone. The most recent of FromSoftware’s productions stands out for the detail of their adventures, although in this case they have gone much further, hiring the mind behind the author of “Game of Thrones”, George RR Martin, making the fantasy of the challenges that await us more complex than ever before, and creating an active community behind the titlewhich shows that it is one of the most important successes of recent times.

Endling—Extinction Is Forever

When it comes to game startups, we have designer Samuel Molina, with Endling — Extinction Is Forever. This game aims to raise awareness in the public, showing us the last mother fox, who does everything in her power to protect the cubs who loves, in a world depredated by man. Forced to survive, the references to the climate crisis are inescapable, although the message is one of hope.

Horizon Forbidden West

Released last February, we recall a little five years ago, when Sony and Guerrilla Games introduced us to Aloy, the warrior in search of a personal discovery in the future United States. That dystopia was advancing and becoming more and more interesting, and this year’s installment gives a twist to those secrets that were left unrevealed, while we have RPG, action and open world elements.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

We ended up with a game that hasn’t been officially released yet, and it’s been delayed longer than we wanted. Even so, we cannot stop mentioning it because it is the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Anticipatory images let us see that Nintendo has worked to improve it significantly. To the point that for sure we will be before one of the masterpieces of optional narrationa growing genre these years.

Which other of the games of this 2022 do you think a good gamer cannot miss?

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