Energy truce to swimming pools: the Government limits the price of gas



The Government has announced the beginning of the mechanism by which the price of gas and electricity will be limited, a measure that will positively affect the bills of sports centers with swimming pools

(13-5-2022) The Spanish Government presented this Friday the Iberian mechanism agreed with the European Union to limit the price of gas and lower the electricity bill. A measure that will greatly benefit the sports sector, as it will help contain energy costs that have skyrocketed in recent months.

Energy truce for sports centers with swimming pools and other facilities with large electricity and gas consumption. The Government of Spain has approved today, in the council of ministers, the Iberian mechanism agreed with the European Commission and that allows limiting the price of gas and lowering the electricity bill of the Iberian Peninsula. An expected measure in the sports sector, which has long warned that defaults can skyrocket if measures are not offered to contain the consequences of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

From now on, the average price of gas will be 48.8 euros per megawatt/hour, starting at 40 euros per MWh. This measure, which arises as a response to the energy increases caused by the war in Ukraine, will have a duration of 12 months, so the possible price increases that energy may experience next winter will be covered in this way.

This measure will benefit all consumers, starting with households with a regulated rate and the industry, regardless of whether or not they are in the regular market. Those with a fixed rate will notice it when they renew their contracts. The mechanism also reduces windfall profits for power generation companies.

It is expected that, as of this Sunday, the price of electricity in the wholesale market will drop by 38%. The current average price of a megawatt hour in the wholesale market is around 210 euros, and it is expected to drop, on average, to 130.

The decree will be published this Saturday in the Official State Gazette. Although the measure will be in force from this weekend, it will not be fully effective until it receives the formal approval of the European Commission, which may arrive in a matter of days.

The reduction in energy consumption is a highly demanded measure by the sports sector, which has been suffering from the problems of skyrocketing energy costs for several months. There are many companies and sports clubs that, since the beginning of the year, have seen the energy contracts they had signed by the energy marketers unilaterally rescinded. The Spanish employers of gyms, Fneid, had been demanding urgent measures from the Government for many months to contain the increase in energy costs that have forced some centers to massively close swimming pools and other water areas. Most have chosen not to close facilities, but have had to assume energy cost overruns that will significantly raise their electricity and gas bills.

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