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The professional has been part of the team of the Energy Sustainability Agency (AgenciaSE) since 2019, leading the Air Conditioning Line and, later, the new Line of Territories and Buildings.

Santiago de Chile.- The recent appointment of the new executive director of the Energy Sustainability Agency (AgenciaSE) is a historic milestone. For the first time, a woman fully assumes this role. And who will have the honor of leading this organization in pursuit of achieving its objectives in the implementation of public policies on energy and sustainability, building bridges between the public and private world and citizens, is someone who until this appointment served as head of the Territories and Buildings Line of AgenciaSE, the professional Rosa Riquelme.

The Undersecretary of Energy, Julio Maturana, indicates that “the appointment of Rosa Riquelme as executive director of the Energy Sustainability Agency will give a key boost to the implementation of programs, with a strategic view based on the axes of the Government Program, such as They are Decentralization and Feminist Government”.

Commercial engineer specialized in public management and sustainable development, with an outstanding career in organizations such as the Ministry of Education, Sercotec, the Ministry of Energy -where she led emblematic initiatives with a citizen focus and in regions for more than four years-, Rosa Riquelme is someone who is well aware of the role it plays and the challenges and opportunities that AgenciaSE faces, since it has been part of this organization for more than three years.

“I am very happy to take on this challenge, grateful for the tremendous opportunity I have been given to contribute to this institution that has so much potential; I make my experience, closeness, resilience and energy available to the entire team of the Energy Sustainability Agency and the sector, so that together we can advance in the energy challenges we face. Today we have an administration that invites us to think differently, to advance in the fair energy transition, with its communities and territories, with its women. I am sure that together with the great team of AgenciaSE we will be a great contribution in this”, affirms the new executive director of AgenciaSE, Rosa Riquelme.

Although the origin of AgenciaSE lies in the Country Program for Energy Efficiency (PPEE), which was born under the leadership of the outstanding professional in the sector, Nicola Borregaard, who later also served for a brief period as interim executive director of the Chilean Energy Agency Energy Efficiency (AChEE) -which succeeded the PPEE-, today is the first time that a woman is appointed to the position in the current institution, which will be 12 years old, which constitutes another milestone in the efforts that this organization for contributing to a greater presence of women in the energy sector and in leadership positions. Currently, the AgenciaSE team is made up of 53% women, and 46% of its leadership positions are held by women. Likewise, the Board of Directors of the AgenciaSE in this period will have a parity composition between women and men.

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