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Two Mipymes, one from Punta Arenas and the other from Santiago, today received a Voltera R6 electric van, thanks to the support provided by the ¡Ponle Energía a tu Pyme! of the Ministry of Energy.

Santiago de Chile.- Electromobility continues to grow in Chile, and not only at the level of large companies but also in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which are added -every day- with greater force to the growing trend to incorporate electric vehicles. This is given the positive impact that this generates both in the environment and in terms of cost savings for transfers if one compares them with gasoline or diesel transportation.

This is the case of two MSMEs, one from Punta Arenas and the other from Santiago, who today received a Voltera R6 electric van, thanks to the support provided by the ¡Ponle Energía a tu Pyme! This initiative of the Ministry of Energy and implemented by the Energy Sustainability Agency, grants co-financing to micro, small and medium-sized companies throughout Chile in the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The Voltera R6 stands out for being the first 100% electric truck approved in Chile, and allows users to stop emitting between 6 and 10 tons of CO2 per year, depending on use. It is estimated that in its useful life it will prevent the emission of more than 70 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

It is a four-door pickup vehicle with a capacity of five passengers, which has a real autonomy of more than 270 kilometers (NEDC 403 kilometers). It has all the comfort features of a modern vehicle and is also the most affordable vehicle in its segment.

As for its dimensions, they are 5.29 x 1.85 x 1.79 meters, with a wheelbase of 3.05 meters, and a load capacity of 800 kilos.

The cost of charging for a trip of 100 kilometers in this vehicle is approximately $3,000, which implies considerable savings compared to the diesel or gasoline consumed by traditional combustion trucks.

On behalf of the Mipymes benefited by the program ¡Ponle Energía a tu Pyme! Cristian Andrade and Álvaro Turrieta, representatives of the Punta Arenas and Santiago projects, respectively, received the vans.

The Seremi of the RM, Iván Morán, stated that “as the Ministry of Energy we are very happy to promote programs that support SMEs in the development of renewable energy and electromobility. In the Metropolitan Region we are working hard to promote this type of initiative in our SMEs and that is why examples such as Álvaro Turrieta and Cristian Andrade are key for other entrepreneurs to be motivated to incorporate this type of technology”.

The executive director of the Energy Sustainability Agency, Rosa Riquelme, said that “for us, it is important to be able to contribute to companies having access to electric vehicles within the framework of the Ponle Energía a tu Pyme program, because we are not only contributing to increasing the fleet of this type of vehicle in the country, but also because we are providing greater competitiveness and sustainability to MSMEs. It is a double effect that fills us with satisfaction, because together with contributing to the great goals of fair energy transition with this initiative, we are also improving the conditions of productive actors and the quality of life of their communities”.

The general manager of Voltera, Andrés Vergara, explained that “this truck is being used in different industries, both in Santiago and in the regions, with successful results. We are convinced that it represents the best solution for companies and people who are looking for an efficient electric vehicle from an economically and environmentally responsible point of view”.

Fast charging and low maintenance

The Voltera model is based on a comprehensive service and advice according to the particular needs of each client, which considers the installation of charging stations, including high-power chargers for company fleets; software that provides online information on vehicle performance, efficiency, location, speed and driving characteristics, among others; national technical service and a mobile workshop for on-site assistance.

Regarding the charging process for private users, the battery of the Voltera R 6 truck allows the use of a 220-volt plug and has AC and DC power for fast charges in two hours. Its 8-year warranty also stands out, which is above the Chilean market standard.

This vehicle, unlike internal combustion engines, has all the power available from scratch. This makes facing a hill much simpler, because its engine pushes without complications.

Another of the great differences between this electric truck and its conventional peers is the low maintenance it requires. This is because a combustion vehicle incorporates around 2,000 moving parts and almost all of them require maintenance. In contrast, the Voltera R 6 has around 20 moving parts, which increases its useful life and decreases the probability of failure.

Increasing the electric vehicle fleet with more competitive MSMEs

The delivery of the two R6 vans joins a series of initiatives related to electromobility that are co-financed by the Ministry of Energy and the Energy Sustainability Agency through the Ponle Energía a tu Pyme program. The objective of this program is to support MSMEs with the co-financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, which also include electromobility initiatives, to improve their operations and their energy costs, which represent between 10 and 18 % of the total costs of a company in this segment, according to data from the National Energy Efficiency Survey.

In terms of electromobility, Ponle Energía a tu Pyme is co-financing projects that include, in addition to the 2 Voltera R6, 8 Maxus last-mile electric vans -two of them already delivered in Santiago and Castro-, 2 Hyundai Ionic electric vehicles, in addition to light mobility vehicles represented by 5 bicycles, 1 quadricycle and 65 electric motorcycles.

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