Egym highlights that its technology “reinforces the DNA of each gym”


KEY CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE GREAT CHANGE IN FTNESS Juan Ramón Gabino, CEO of Egym Iberia, maintains that “the biggest change that, at Egym, we have brought about in fitness has been the launch of the Fitness Hub and the technological implementation of the Biological Age concept. Both contributions have meant a qualitative leap of differentiation through the digitization implemented in a sports facility and whose main beneficiaries are it and the end customer”.

(7-18-2022). The CEO of Egym Iberia, Juan Ramón Gabino, highlights the “key role” of differentiation in the current scenario of gyms. He assures that Egym’s R&D “reinforces the DNA of each center and the personalization of the training of each of its clients”.

“It is not good that the cloning of gyms proliferates. Differentiation today is key for sports centers and Egym’s R&D favors and reinforces the DNA of each sports facility”. This is how the CEO of Egym Iberia, Juan Ramón Gabino, pronounces himself in a video-interview granted to CMDsport. The executive underlines that Egym’s commitment to technology is one of the defining and distinctive features since the origins of the company.

The manager also highlights that its Fitness Hub equipment “has become the cornerstone of fitness rooms in a short time” and is emphatic in emphasizing that “we are transforming the business models of gyms and, likewise, we are transforming how the post-pandemic consumer perceives the experience he develops with Egym to achieve his goals”. After that he sentences: “and all this with an absolutely innovative technology and that no other manufacturer in the industry had proposed before”.

After pointing out that “for us, the important brand is that of the gym or the chain of gyms, because we are just a tool”, in this video-interview, Juan Ramón Gabino highlights that “we adapt our technology to each type of center because For us, personalization is a fundamental principle that we apply both to gyms and to the final consumer. And all this without limitations derived from standard segmentations”.

Regarding the profitability of the investment, the executive concludes by emphasizing that “we are so transparent that we even include a calculation of profitability and a calendar with the dates of the return on investment on a case-by-case basis on our website”.

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