Educació will recommend schools to hire sports professionals with the Coplefc seal of quality


(15-9-2022). Strategic alliance between Coplefc and the Department of Education of Catalonia to guarantee the safety and quality of physical activities and sports services provided by educational centers during school hours.

From the College of Physical Activity and Sports Professionals of Catalonia, Coplefc, they point out that the services of physical activities and sports in the educational field, that is, those that are complementary to the subject of Physical Education during school hours, need to comply strictly safety requirements.

Conditions that affect activities such as sports camps, activities in the natural environment, whether in the water with kayaks, canoes or sailing boats, or in the mountains with climbing and other disciplines, or even in spaces and proposals of another type that may exist. “It cannot be ignored that in these activities there is always a point of uncertainty and that, reviewing the past, there have been several accidents that show it. However, it is a risk to minimize, without a doubt, a will shared by the Department of Education and Coplefc. For this reason, in all this range of activities cited as an example, the quality of the companies and professionals who carry out the provision of services is essential”, they highlight.

To promote it, we want to value the quality of professionals and companies providing physical activity and sports services, a decision that is specified in the recommendation of the Department of Education to the directors of educational centers to hire those companies and /or professionals who have the Coplefc Quality Seal.

Certified quality

The Seal of Quality is the tool that Coplefc has developed to offer citizens empirical and concrete elements of good practices and compliance with qualitative standards in the provision of physical activity and sports services. Characteristics that allow administrations to also be organizations interested in this application, since they must respond to the defense of society and guarantee the means to do so.

Based on this professional tool, the agreement between Education of the Generalitat and Coplefc means that the Department will recommend to the directors of schools the need to hire companies and professionals that have the Seal of Quality. And, at the same time, it will be sought that those companies and professionals that act around the school population commit to the excellence of their services by adhering to the Q Sport Movement and obtaining the aforementioned Seal.

“We must bear in mind that the responsibility to intervene in groups of children and young people throughout the country requires a response that eliminates possible negligent, unprofessional or clearly intrusive actions in a field where safety is at stake. A responsibility that Coplefc, as a public law corporation, has as an essential purpose, since it ensures that the actions of the collegiate people respond to the interests and needs of society in relation to professional practice, and especially guarantee compliance of good practice and the ethical obligations of the profession, as well as protecting the interests of users and consumers of professional services”, they point out from the Catalan Professional Association.

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