Edge extensions to compare prices and buy cheap on the Internet


Keepa, the most popular option

Without a doubt, this extension is an essential if we want to buy on Amazon, since it shows us through charts all price history from among more than 1,000 million products sold within the platform, even in different versions, colors or sizes of the same product and in different periods of time.

It also allows us to configure push notifications that we can receive by email, Facebook, Twitter, RSS and mobile devices, which will notify us every time a product drops below the desired price. It is compatible with the different local Amazon accounts such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Mexico, among others, including Spain.

We can download Keepa for free from the Microsoft Store.

Amazon price tracking, save 20%-50%

This plugin will be of great help to us. know the maximum, minimum and historical prices of the products that we can find within Amazon. This can allow us to save between 20% and 50% by buying products when they are at the best price.

Amazon Price Tracking

We are therefore talking about a very useful extension to buy within this platform, since it even shows us a file integrated into the product page, through which we will be able to know its maximum, minimum and previous price in the form of a graph. This way we can be aware of its price history for what any product has passed over time.

In addition, it is able to search for the same product on other websites so that we can compare and choose the cheapest one, even with shipping costs included. Install this Edge extension now to start enjoying its benefits.

The Camelizer, knows the lowest price of any product

This extension for Edge will allow us to obtain all the functionalities of camelcamelcamel.com in the browser. It will only be necessary to click on its icon located in the address bar to know the historical price of any Amazon productboth in the Spanish version and in the rest of the European countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy) and in its stores in Canada and the United States.

the camelizer

Through its use we will be able to know the lowest price obtained for any product within the platform. Within your file we can filter the data that appears regarding the price obtained from the last month to the last year or since you started selling on Amazon. In addition, we can configure notifications so that you notify us by email once a product has reached a price equal to or lower than the desired price.

Download and install The Camelizer from the Microsoft Add-on Store page.

Add-ons for eBay purchases

Another of the most popular stores that we can find on the Internet is eBay. Although initially it was born to do auctions and sales of second-hand items, but over time it has evolved to become a whole Marketplace. In Edge we can also find plugins for this store.

Snip it! Button for eBay, to make automatic bids

It is an application that has been working with us for more than 15 years and that we can get as an extension for Edge. With her we will be able place a bid within an auction in the last few seconds, so that we do not have to be aware of the article at all times. This add-on is responsible for automating the bidding process down to the last second, freeing us from having to remember the end time of each auction that interests us.

All offers made with Snip.pl are exactly the same as if we made them by hand and are completely legal. All bids placed before a listing ends are valid, even if placed one second before the auction ends. Therefore, a legal extension that only automates the bidding process without violating any of the conditions of the platform.

We can download Snip it! Free from the Microsoft Store.

Bidbag Remote – eBay sniper, always bid at the last second automatically

With Bidgag we can make automatic offers for our favorite items from the eBay page or from the search results. The extension handles automatically send our offer until a second before the end of the auction, which allows us to wait until the end without revealing our interest in the product.

Its user interface is simple and intuitive and will allow us to manage auction groups, automatic notifications and other functions in real time. With this plugin for Edge, we can add our auctions on any eBay portal. While browsing eBay, we will have a shortcut to submit auctions directly to Bidbag.

Send automatic bids with Bidbag by downloading this add-on from the Microsoft Store.

Price comparison and coupons

We can also have a series of accessories that will be in charge of offering a price comparison between different stores, as well as searching for discount coupons, so that we can always opt for the cheapest price.

Honey, find and apply discounts automatically

This add-on for Edge will automatically search, find and apply discount coupons to the products we want to purchase before finalizing the purchase. With just a click on your button during the payment, the codes will be automatically applied to our shopping cart. For this it is compatible with more than 30 thousand Internet sites.


Honey is also an extension that can help us when buying Amazon since it is capable of finding the best price within the platform, showing notifications immediately. It even has price and history tracking tools, to see how the price of any product has changed from the last 30 to 120 days.

Install Honey from the Microsoft Add-ons Store for Edge.

AliExpress Coupon Finder

AliExpress is the quintessential Chinese store, a global Marketplace with thousands of products of all kinds. One of its most particular aspects is that most of the products that we can find have hidden discounts or coupons. In general, they usually have up to six different types of discounts that are compatible with each other, something that is often difficult to search and find.

AliExpress Coupon Finder

To do this, we can install this extension that will be in charge of doing all the work, since its objective is that we can obtain the best coupon available for the product that we need so that we can obtain the best possible price. This coupon and discount search engine will do its job while we are on its website, making us save money on our purchase.

Install AliExpress Coupon Finder from the Edge Addon Store.

Cashback services for Edge

These extensions are specialized in cashback, so that we will obtain refunds when we make purchases online in some of their associated stores.

Coupert, save when you shop with coupons and rebates

This add-on for Edge is in charge of automatically searching for coupons and cashback so that we can obtain the best price for the product that we are going to buy together with a refund for making the purchase in one of its associated stores. Among them are some as popular as Booking, Groupon, eBay among others, as well as the possibility of obtaining coupons for AliExpress.


It is an ideal solution to save money with a single click, since we will not only obtain the best discounts available, but we will also receive a return as cashback in our account after buying in one of its associated stores.

To do this, simply download and install Coupert from the Microsoft Store.

Megabonus cashback service, get up to 40% cashback when you buy

This extension for Edge belongs to a cashback service that will allow us to obtain a refund of up to 40% of our purchase in one of its associated stores. We simply make purchases on the Internet as we normally do and the extension will activate the refund automatically. For added security, it has a secure fraud protectionsince it has a seller verification system that is responsible for avoiding transactions with unreliable sellers.

Megabonus cashback service

We have the possibility to consult the amount of the refund before making the purchase. Well, now, together with the price of each product, we can see the amount that we are going to save before making the purchase. It has more than 3,000 associated stores and a loyalty policy that provides us with up to 50% of the cashback amount of purchases made by our friends.

Start saving by installing the Megabonus Cashback Service.

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