Ecodesigner wanted: here is the training project of Erion Energy and Circular Economy


The call for tenders for the Ecodesign the Future project by Erion Energy and is online: after the course on packaging, the new focus is on batteries.

Ecodesign the future: batteries edition is the new training course resulting from the collaboration between Erion Energy and The course, completely free, will be reserved for thirty students and recent graduates. It will be held from 18 October 2022 to 29 January 2023. The focus is on the circular economy in the sector of batteries and charging systems.

Young ecodesigners trained. In a historical phase whose watchword is and must necessarily be ecological transition, implementing sustainable production and consumption patterns in the battery sector is crucial. And it is the goal of Ecodesign the future: batteries editionthe new training course resulting from the collaboration between Erion Energythe Erion system consortium dedicated to the sustainable management of waste batteries and accumulators, ed

The recycling of lead-acid batteries is now an established practice. Different speech for lithium accumulators © baytunc / iStockphoto

A proven collaboration that has already led to the success of the first edition of Ecodesign the future, dedicated instead to packaging, and which is therefore renewed, this time aiming at the training of expert professionals who contribute to the design of batteries, recharging and collection systems in a circular perspective.

The call for applications is open and online from 14 July. The course, completely free, will be reserved for thirty students and recent graduates in design / engineering, economics, humanities or science faculties.

The wait for the European regulation on batteries

In recent months, the terms of the new regulation on batteries are being negotiated at the European level: the European Parliament’s proposal provides that dal 2026 must be recycled at the end of its life on 90 percent of the nickel, copper and cobalt (against the 70 per cent proposed by the Commission) and the 70 percent of the lithium (twice as much as proposed by the Commission).

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In line with the requirements defined by the proposal of the new regulation, participants will be required not only to create prototypes of batteries and eco-friendly charging systems, but also to devise strategies capable of increasing the collection of battery waste and making it easier for citizens to adopt more virtuous behaviors. The training course includes ten working groups for the creation of as many new eco-sustainable concepts based on recyclability and reusability.

A fast growing industry

Danilo Bonato, general manager of Erion Energy and member of the workshop promoters’ committee, stresses that the European battery industry “is going through a phase of extraordinary growth, characterized by investments under the initiative European battery alliance and the forthcoming publication of the European regulation on the value chain of this strategic sector “. With these premises “our extended producer responsibility system, which represents over 1,200 companies that place batteries and accumulators on the national market, is proud to announce the second edition of the advanced training course”.

This is because, as he explains Marica Di Pierri, managing director of, “To promote the transition towards a circular economic model, training and innovation are essential elements for rethinking the dynamics through which design and production are carried out”. A change “that can no longer be postponed, even on the training front”.

The training course Ecodesign the future: batteries edition

The Ecodesign the future: batteries edition training course, to be held from 18 October 2022 to 29 January 2023, provides an integrated plan of didactic and practical activities. Students will meet with experts in the sector, professionals and academics from various public and private training institutions: the Management Institute of the Sant’Anna High School of Pisa, the Milan Polytechnic, the Turin Polytechnic, the University of Brescia, Isia Roma Design.

The authors of the most deserving projects will have the opportunity to present them to some representatives of companies in the sector. The winner will be awarded in the temple of Italian design, theAdi Design Museum in Milanoamong the sponsors of the project together with Isia (University Institute of Italian Design) e Polyart of Ancona.

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