Diversabox opens its first gym based on boxing, cycling and TRX



Diversabox makes its debut in Valdebebas with a proposal that combines sports disciplines as different as professional boxing, indoor cycling and TRX.

(14-6-2022). Diversabox was born as a boutique gym with its own discipline in which the disciplines of professional boxing, indoor cycling and TRX are combined in 90-minute sessions. It has opened its doors in Valdebebas.

Professional boxing, indoor cycling and TRX, all combined in 50-minute training sessions. It is the proposal of Diversabox, a new brand of boutique gyms that has debuted this month in Valdebebas.

The center has an area of ​​200 m2 and is located on José Antonio Fernández Ordóñez street in the city of Madrid. At the head of the business is the physical trainer Vicente Asenjo, who has more than 40 years of experience linked to sports education, together with the technicians Víctor Silva and Isabel García.

The method proposed by this fitness center is based on the experience accumulated over the years by its promoters in a gym in Legazpi, and seeks to “reconcile with sport”, as they say.

Boxing, cycling and TRX, in one

The novelty of the method lies in combining the disciplines of professional boxing, indoor cycling and TRX in a 50-minute session. The class begins with 15 minutes of indoor cycle, to continue with another 15 minutes of boxing in the ring, with bags or gloves, and another 15 minutes of TRX and functional abdominal exercises. In total, they calculate that in one session more than 900 kcal are burned by training the whole body.

The gym for those who have failed in the gym

The method is aimed at people of any age and physical condition, who find it difficult to play sports or have previously failed with other types of training. The intensity of the exercise is marked by each person according to their physical condition.

Classes can be booked through the center’s website, with subscription plans ranging from 1 to 6 training sessions per week, and vouchers for 5 and 10 sessions to consume within 2 months.

In addition, they have a trial class without obligation for one euro.

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