Diablo 3: The Best Builds Of Season 25


In Season 25 of Diablo 3, practically all builds are running to their new peak, because thanks to the new soul splinters, the power level of the action role-playing game is higher than ever before. We introduce you to the most important builds of the season.

In Season 25 of Diablo 3, practically all builds run up to the new top form, because thanks to the new soul splinters, the power level of the action role-playing game is higher than ever before. We introduce you to the most important builds of the season.

The best builds in Diablo 3: Season 25

As always, the choice of possible builds in Diablo 3 is enormous. In Season 25, however, more builds than ever before will conquer level 150 of the Great Rifts .

There are two reasons for this: On the one hand, the soul shards, the seasonal theme in season 25, are even more powerful than the already strong ethereal items from season 24. On the other hand, you can use soul shards to improve your ancient items, the so-called augmentation. This saves you a lot of time that you don't have to invest in the laborious leveling up of your legendary gems, which allows you to dare to access high-level content even faster.

We recommend the following builds per class:

Barbarian : Whirlwind Crusader : Bombardment Demon Hunter : The Shadow's Mantle Monk : Innas Mystic Ally Necromancer : Rathma's Bones Witch Doctor : Spirit of Arachyr Sorcerer : Splendor of the Firebird

You can get specific details about the necessary items and skills by following the links.

How were the builds selected? The power level is so high in season 25 that most builds make it into the endgame without major problems. Some builds can set faster best times in order to secure the top spots on the leaderboards.

In some cases, such as the Firebird Splendor set or the Monk with the Mystic Ally ability, certain builds have a distinct advantage and are therefore the best choices. In other cases, however, the differences are only minor. For example, demon hunters can set slightly better personal bests with the Marudeur equipment set, but they also have to master a much more demanding style of play, which is why we would rather recommend the Des Schattens Mantle set.

In other cases, classes have been given a refurbished set, for example the witch doctor with the spirit of Arachyr . In this case, the choice is already worthwhile, as you will get to know a completely new style of play in this way. Our recommendations are therefore a cross-section of power level, accessibility and originality .

Haedrig's gift: The starter sets for season 25

By completing the Seasonal Challenges, you will be rewarded with Haedrig's Gift, which includes a full set per class. Wizards and demon hunters are lucky enough to receive the set for the recommended endgame builds directly in this way . All other classes should be able to farm the necessary items for the build of their choice with Haedrig's gift without any problems. Since almost all sets can defeat the endgame in season 25, nothing speaks against staying true to your start set if you like the style of play.

Barbarian : Power of the earth Crusader : Thorns of the aspirant Demon hunter : The shadow's mantle Monk : The robe of the monkey king Necromancer : The mercy of the Inarius Witch doctor : The robe of the jade harvester Sorcerer : Splendor of the firebird

New season theme: Soul Shards

Who does not remember the legendary finale of the first Diablo: After the prince of Hell has been defeated, the supposed hero grabs the soul splinter in Diablo's head and rams it into his own forehead. In this way he internalizes evil and becomes the new vessel for Diablo himself. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the fragments of souls return and give you previously unimagined power.

Diablo 3 Season 25 Seelensplitter

There are a total of three Soul Shards of the Great Evils and four Soul Shards of the Lesser Evils . The former reinforce your helmet, the latter your weapon. You can also find Sparks from the Hellforge, which you can use to upgrade the Soul Shards to make them even more powerful. You can find the exact properties of the soul shards in the official blog entry.

You will receive these rewards in Season 25

Diablo 3 Season 25 Rewards

As with every season, you will receive a handful of cosmetic rewards for completing all of the season's challenges. In addition to an exclusive character portrait on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the franchise, you can also receive the Prince of Hell in person as a pet companion.

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