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At GIGA you can find out where you can watch the new episodes and films of "Detective Conan" in the stream online in German.

"Detective Conan" is one of the most popular anime series around the world. A poison turns 17-year-old school detective Shin'ichi Kudou back into elementary school. In order not to endanger himself and his loved ones, he now has to solve his cases in a creative way undetected as a three-cheese-high. Here at GIGA you can find out where you can watch the new episodes and films of "Detective Conan" online in German.

The series & the German setting

The series "Detective Conan" is based on Gosho Aoyama's manga series from 1994. The anime adaptation started two years later and has since achieved cult status in Japan. A film has been released annually since 1997 and in March 2022 the series celebrated its 1,000 episodes in its home country.

In this country, the series ran on TV on RTL II from 2002 onwards. But with the 333rd episode in 2006, German synchronization was over for the time being. In 2018, ProSieben MAXX continued the synchronization and was able to win back almost all of the original speakers. Currently 100 new episodes have been set to music, so that there are now a total of 433 episodes of "Detective Conan" in German.

"Detective Conan" in the stream

There are currently three ways to legally watch the series online in Germany:

The best option is the anime streaming service "Crunchyroll" . There are 433 German episodes as well as 23 movies and 3 TV specials , all of which you can watch with a fan subscription (6.99 euros per month). Up to episode 281, you can buy the episodes digitally on Amazon either individually for 1.99 euros each or in seasons for 44.99 euros each. The seasons are based on the DVD boxes and vary between 24 to 33 episodes. Last but not least, “Joyn” (ProSiebenSat.1 media library) should be mentioned. If episodes or films are broadcast on ProSieben MAXX, they can usually be viewed here in the stream for 14 days . Detective Conan TMS Entertainment Gosho Aoyama

That's what the detective anime is all about

Shin'ichi Kudō is only 17 years old, but already a brilliant detective who regularly helps the Tokyo police with their investigations. One day, however, he runs into the infamous “Black Organization”. The criminals infuse him with the strong neurotoxin "Apoptoxin 4869", which is supposed to kill the young detective – but Shin'ichi is lucky. Instead of killing him, the poison just rejuvenates him.

Shin'ichi makes the best of the situation and takes on the identity of an elementary school student. He creates his new name from the names of his two favorite crime writers, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo: "Conan Edogawa". In order to protect himself and his relatives from the “men in black”, he initially only confides his true identity to his friend and neighbor, Professor Agasa. He builds all sorts of gadgets and gadgets for him so that he can continue to resolve dangerous cases in the body of a primary school student.

Through a white lie he comes as a "distant relative" of Shin'ichi with his sandpit friend Ran Mōri. This lives with her single parent "Paps", the former criminal investigator and now unsuccessful private detective Kogoro Mōri.

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