Demand Cycles suffers the theft of 15 bicycles



Demanda Ciclos is a bicycle shop located on Calle San Roque in Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja).

(22-6-2022). The Demanda Ciclos store in Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja) has published the list of the 15 bicycles that were stolen in the early hours of June 17 “more than for them to appear so that an event like this does not happen again” , according to its owner, the retailer Alberto Rodríguez.

The list of bicycle models published by the Santo Domingo de la Calzado store, Ciclos Demanda, includes the brand, model and serial number of each one. Said list has been sent to the local information media, as well as to the authorities and to the supplier brands.

The models stolen at 2:15 p.m. from Thursday to Friday, June 17, were from the Bianchi, Coluer, Conor, Merida, MMR, Orbea and Qüer brands. The objective of processing this list to the suppliers has been that they make it known to the stores with which they work, thus avoiding the circulation and sales of these models.

18,000 EUROS

Most of the stolen models were mid-range and low-end, although there were two electric bicycles from Bianchi and Orbea.

The owners of the establishment have calculated a loss of 18,000 euros between the cash and the stolen material. They hope that the accident will be covered by insurance.

Until now, the Demanda Ciclos store had never suffered a similar incident, and the store owners were surprised by the fact that the store was in a highly visible area, in the middle of San Roque Street, and at a not excessively late hour.


According to the La Rioja 25 website, it is not the first time that an event of these characteristics has occurred in La Rioja. In October 2020, the Rioja Bikes establishment, in the town of Rincón de Soto, suffered the theft of eleven bicycles valued at 58,000 euros.

Previously, in 2015, a similar event occurred at the Roller Bike store in Logroño and, likewise, in 2012, Hogar Ciclos was the victim of another robbery in the capital of La Rioja, just as in 2007, the Bicycles José Mari store suffered the theft of seven bikes valued at 7,000 euros.

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