Why is it better to have custom-designed software for your business?


You can opt for off-the-shelf software for your company, like many others. But you cannot expect to target specific problems through it for your business. If you want to flip it, that is a different matter. Some people make money by reselling. However, when it comes to scaling your business through a smooth navigation process and more, you can rely on custom solutions created for in-house use.

Whether you need a web or mobile app, you can ask the designing and development agency to tailor it for you to add long-term value to your business. It may involve initial significant cost, but you can cover it over time by addressing pain points. You don’t get this advantage from readymade options.

There are multiple other reasons also why experts tell you to design a custom software solution for your business. Let’s quickly run over them.

A tailored product

Every business tends to have unique needs, which you cannot meet through a one-size-fits-all solution. You have to get software that targets them and creates an adequate room for future growth.

Easy to scale

It emanates from the first point only. You cannot depend on a readymade software solution to adapt to the evolving business demands. It may have been useful for you in the initial few years when you didn’t have any significant operational needs. However, when your operations expand, and business processes become dynamic, you need to have software that can match the speed and allow you to grow. Since you may be aware of the potential challenges and threats in your way, it can be better to have software that can address them.

Software eco-system

There can be some existing products you may wish to incorporate into the custom software. Or, you may want the newly created one to fit in within the current option. The chances of errors in this scenario can be quite a few, as the custom software will have a suitable environment for integration based on your needs. You cannot get this quickly with an off-the-shelf solution. Errors will be more, and it can hamper productivity and operations too.


Custom software can seamlessly adjust to your business and support it. Your business doesn’t have to operate according to it. When designing one based on your requirements, the agency considers your hardware capacity to avoid buying anything that may incur additional charges. However, you don’t get this convenience with an off-the-shelf solution. You need to invest in hardware for its smooth running.

Independent use

With the readymade software, your dependence on the company that made it tends to be higher. You may have to play by their rules in terms of pricing, and terms and conditions, etc. It is not a favourable scenario for the future of your business. And if something goes wrong with that company, you will have to look for someone else to take care of the product. This risk gets extremely minimized with custom solutions as you don’t depend on the company for every small or critical change. You can implement it with your resource. You, however, mostly rely on them for maintenance.

As such, a mobile or website application designed after your needs can be more reliable and enable you to focus on your core business.

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