Cufade will seek “fair financing” for grassroots sport, under the new mandate of Ufec


Gerard Esteve

The president of Ufec, Gerard Esteva, assumes the presidency of the Confederation of Unions of Autonomous State Sports Federations (Cufade), in a new stage that he has defined as “union and consensus”.

(12-4-2022). Ufec assumes the presidency of Cufade, with the aim of initiating an action plan for the economic recovery of regional sport. The objective is to obtain fair financing and unify the criteria and models between communities.

The Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia (UFEC) has assumed the presidency of the Confederation of Unions of Autonomous State Sports Federations (Cufade). In this way, a stage of consensus begins with an action plan that is committed to the recognition of grassroots sport as an interlocutor and with the aspiration of being a space for help and support for the sector.

Gerard Esteva, current president of the UFEC, is at the forefront of this project with the aim of highlighting the importance of unity and being the engine of change in the sports sector to continue promoting the most humble field of sport that they do every day possible the athletes, families, clubs, professionals and volunteers of the federations of the whole territory. Likewise, the entity works to obtain fair financing for the sector.

Isabel Pérez Espinosa, general secretary of the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia (UFEC), explains that “the health crisis has given us the opportunity to cooperate together to defend the sector and overcome obstacles effectively. Now, this union will allow us to continue with our strategic line to achieve the recovery of grassroots sport, which was severely punished during the months of restrictions”.

The new board of directors of the entity is the result of a broad consensus, and has four vice-presidents, Alfonso Escribano, from the Andalusian Confederation of Sports Federations, Vicente Martínez, from the Union of Madrid Sports Federations, Rafael Louzan, from the Union of Federations Deportivas Gallegas and Jose María López, from the Union of Sports Federations of the Region of Murcia, a treasury, which is occupied by Angel Gurrutxaga, from the Union of Basque Sports Federations, and a secretariat whose head is Daniel Bravo, from the Association Sports Federations Castilla y León.

state congress

The next step for Cufade is to hold a great grassroots sport congress for the entire state and work on proposals for regulatory solutions to unify criteria and models of success.

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