CryptoGames Review: An In-Depth Discussion About the Elephant In the Gambling Industry! 


A quick look into CryptoGames!

CryptoGames is the most widely recognized online crypto casino for the past few years. From being a small online casino, run and owned by a Curacao-based company(MuchGaming B.V.), CryptoGames has paved its own way to online popularity with unmatched attributes. 

The online casino is created by the hands of knowledgeable professionals who effortlessly saw the promising future of safe gambling and cryptocurrencies. Through their immense hard work, the casino has rightfully earned its top position in the online gambling industry today. With attributes like immaculate user interface, high-speed transaction system, state of the art cryptocurrencies, CryptoGames is definitely a new-age online Casino! 

Their indestructible security protocols, lucrative promotional events, and extraordinary gambling policies attract gamblers without any adulteration! CryptoGames is probably the only gambling website in the market to create its very own dedicated “BLOG” and “FORUM” for its users. These thoughtful additions help every player to understand the infrastructure of the casino through informative blog posts, the latest articles, and open discussions. As if those were not enough to satisfy the expectations of the public, CryptoGames has taken a step further into creative planning and added captivating events for everyone! Their monthly events come with jaw-dropping prizes such as VIP Memberships for the participants! 

To learn more about the rarest find in the gambling industry, follow the discussion down below!


Everything you will find Only at CryptoGames!  


Loyalty Towards Every Single Player: 

When we say CryptoGames is a casino that takes transparency seriously. Trust us. With provably fair policies for the casino, the betting site is breaking the norms of hiding information from the players. This means CryptoGames has made sure to keep all their players’ winning statistics as transparent as possible. The casino allows its users to dissect their results by analyzing the reports openly displayed under every game’s homepage. This transparency proves how CryptoGames does not manipulate, or act biased towards any of its players. In addition, CryptoGames provides detailed guidelines to help novice players figure out how to use hashes and seeds to check their betting results. Another example of their provably fair policies is found in the Lottery draws. Where CryptoGames uses a third-party website called “RandomPicker” to generate secure and completely random draws. 


Flexible Cryptocurrencies that are Up-To-The-Minute: 


Bitcoin Cash,


Ethereum Classic,  






And PlayMoney, the casino’s in-house testing currency.

Players can access free PlayMoney currency from the Faucet Feature. Since the testing currency is for the users to check out the casino and its games, any profit in that currency will not be available to withdraw.


A Faucet for Testing Out Strategies:

Faucet is one of the many elements that sets CryptoGames apart from the rest of the ordinary casinos. This special feature provides free access to PlayMoney for the players. The faucet helps players to get a clear understanding of the structure of the casino without incurring any losses. Faucets’ levels determine the number of prizes a player may earn. This means all players with high-level faucets get to bag a higher amount of prizes than those with lower-level faucets. 


Helpful Chatbox and Rainbot:

What is an online gaming site, without a live Chatbox feature? We say a very dull entertainer. But thankfully CryptoGames has dodged the probability of being a dull entertainer since day one. Their innovative inclusion of Live Chatbox brings the players under one site. There everyone is free to communicate and socialize with other casino players. They can use the chatbox any time while playing their own games. By chatting with other experienced players, everyone gets to form strategies that help them in the long run of gambling. The chatbox feature also allows the players to send appreciation gifts to one another. Lottery tickets or cryptocurrencies are the two gifts they can exchange or send for now. 

If you thought Chatbox could not get any more exciting for its users, then we are glad to inform you about the “Rain” feature. Rain is CryptoGames’ coolest rewarding system for its active players. Everyone contributing in the chatbox is rewarded with free coins periodically. The Rainbot reminds all players on board to maintain healthy and friendly communication in the community.  


Opportunity to dive into the world of Glamorous Casinos with the Ultimate 8!

With all attention to the latest trends and expectations of gamblers, CryptoGames has chosen these eight games for their casino. 






Video Poker, 


and Lottery. 

All of these eight games have been developed with lightweight and easily accessible user interfaces. Their architectures unfailingly provide a steady game time for all the active users. Their detailed guidelines also act as a booster for the novice players on board. At CryptoGames, quality always rules over quantity. So, as opposed to the other online casinos CryptoGames has decided to polish and ameliorate its chosen 8. Since the developers have made all of them equally entertaining and grasping, the available option to switch between the games comes off as a bonus feature!



CryptoGames’ Dice comes with easily understandable rules and a wide range of winning chances (0.000 to 99.999). The game’s objective is to correctly predict the outcome of the Dice roll. If Players correctly guess the outcome by rolling over or under their predicted number, then they are compensated according to the payout table. Otherwise, they will lose their entire bets. The game’s user interface offers a feature allowing the players to place their bets without having to roll their dice repeatedly. The feature is called “Auto-Bet”. It comes in handy whenever hesitation to roll the Dice occurs. Many times, it is also used by the players to implement various strategies of their own. Dice also comes with useful keyboard shortcuts to offer a faster game time.


Jackpots of Dice: 

The following list of conditions must be met to win a Jackpot of Dice! 

  • Result of the roll is either 7.777 or 77.777
  • Roll of the Dice is a winning roll
  • Both bet and profit amount are minimum 0.0000015 BTC, 0.00045 ETH, 15 DOGE, 0.0015 MXR, 0.00015 BCH, 0.0045 ETC, 0.0015 LTC, 0.0225 GAS, 0.00075 DASH, 4,850 PlayMoney
  • The two digits at the end of the Player’s Server seed and client seed encrypted and combined in SHA512 are 77 (77 is jackpot number)


  • Here’s how your Jackpot Numbers are calculated for Dice: 
  • The first two characters from the end of  SHA512-hash are taken. (The SHA512-hash, players’ Server seed, and Client seed combined and encrypted in SHA512 are needed).
  • Then, the last two characters of the player’s SHA512 hash are added and converted from Hexadecimal to Decimal. 
  •  If the resulting number has three digits and is less than 200, then modulo 100 is used to get a number between 0-99. 
  • If the generated Decimal number is 200 or higher,  the last step is repeated with the next two characters of the player’s SHA512-hash from right to left. 
  • The calculating process is continued until a number between 0-99 is generated.



All jackpot winners take home 100% of the prize if their winning amount is above 0.004 BTC, 4 LTC, 2 DASH, 40000 DOGE, 1.2 ETH, 4 MXR, 0.4 BCH, 60 GAS, 12 ETC, or 24,250,000 PlayMoney. And if their winning amounts are lower than the stated, then they take home a proportional share of the Jackpot with a minimum of 1%. 




Our favorite Brain Game for a casino. While there are two versions of Roulette available in the gambling world, CryptoGames offers the European Variant of Roulette to its users. At CryptoGames, users get to play the European variant for a better house edge than the American Variant. However, CryptoGames’ Roulette comes with a similar payout table as the American version. Players place their bets on the betting mat or board with chips. The placing must be done before the game begins. The numbers they choose to place their bets on are known as Neighbor Bets. The user interface of the game lets players set the neighbor bets randomly using the “Neighbor Bets”.  Players can choose one of these predefined placings for their bets: Neighbors of Zero, Orphans, Zero Game, and Third of the Wheel. After the players set their bets, they spin the wheel and wait for the ball to roll into a lucky slot. The players earn a payout according to the Slot’s determined amount. Since the neighbor bets can play a significant role in influencing the result, pro-players suggest others pay attention to the numbers they choose on the betting mat. 


Jackpots of Roulette: 

To enhance the game’s appeal, CryptoGames has added a Jackpot function to Roulette. The progressive Jackpot is there for all participants of the game. By fulfilling the conditions given below, all players hold a chance to win bigger prizes from Roulette. 

  • Four consecutive bet rolls with the same currency result in 7. 
  • All of the returning amounts are more than the betting amount. Meaning all the bets were profitable bets. 
  • Both the profit and bet amounts are minimum 0.0000015 BTC, 0.00045 ETH, 0.0015 LTC, 0.0225 GAS, 0.0015 MXR, 15 DOGE, 0.00075 DASH, 0.00015 BCH, 0.0045 ETC, 4,850 PlayMoney


Players can earn 100% of the Jackpot if their returning (winning) amount on all four bets (consecutive) is above 40000 DOGE, 1.2 ETH, 4 XMR, 0.4 BCH, 4 LTC, 60 GAS, 12 ETC, 0.004 BTC, 2 DASH  or 24,250,000 PlayMoney.

In case the winning amount is lower than these, then the players will earn a proportional share of the Jackpot where the minimum amount is 1%. And if their winning amounts vary on all four bets, they will earn a Jackpot that equals the winning part of their lowest bet. 



Video Poker:

The variant at CryptoGames can be addressed as an upgraded version of the ever-known game of Poker. The latest crypto version of Video Poker at the casino offers a rich payout and modern outlook. The objective is to end the game with a winning hand or combination of cards. Meaning, if a player has a winning combination of five cards at the end of the game, then according to the payout table, they will be compensated. There are three additional versions of Video Poker at CryptoGames. Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. 




If you are born on the right side of the millennium, then it is guaranteed that CryptoGames’ Minesweeper will bring you a wave of nostalgic memories! Completely different from the original version, CryptoGames’ version has no flags or indicators for the mines. This means players need to clear their mission with utmost caution and luck. The minefield is made of 25 tiles (5×5). One of the cool points about CryptoGames’ version is that players are free to cash out and quit the game any time before they land on a mine. Meaning, if they are hesitant to turn another tile after successfully clearing many, then they can choose to stop the mission and cash out whatever amount they have earned so far. However, if they land on a mine before they cash out their profits, then they will lose their entire bet amount. 



The slot is one of the top-rated beginner-friendly casino games since the beginning. Almost every casino you can think of is bound to have a good old slot machine game. At CryptoGames, the five-reel variant of the game has a super easy objective. Which is winning against the odds by scoring a middle row with a minimum of one seven or at least four of the same symbol. For players’ better understanding, there is a helpful guide about the payout table under the game’s section. 



CryptoGames brings the most exquisite modern version of Blackjack with the same concept as the original version. Players must win against their odds and their dealer. They must score 21 points in total from the first two cards to win directly. Or they must score better points than the dealer at the end to win. However, they must remember not to exceed the number 21 while they play against the dealer. If the dealer gets more than the number 21 at any time into the game, the Player will automatically win. The players can play with the options to Double Down, Surrender, or Split. 




The popular game of luck has gained its popularity ever since it was introduced to the world as a televised game. From Japan to the other parts of the world, Plinko is now mostly known as the game of chance. CryptoGames has revamped Plinko with super easy guidelines. To play users drop a colored ball from the top of a pegged pyramid. The bet amount and the color of the ball is decided before they drop the ball. Once the ball is dropped players wait for it to bounce into a slot at the bottom of the pyramid. When the ball reaches a slot, the players are compensated with payouts corresponding to the color of the ball and the slot it drops into.  





The most straightforward game of luck in gambling. At CryptoGames the crypto version of Lottery offers incredible prize payouts for ZERO house edge! If your luck favors you then you will win all of the prizes and pay nothing to the host. Like the traditional lottery concept, participants need to buy their tickets from the “Buy Tickets” tab for the draw. Users can also use the chatbox commands to purchase their tickets. There are no restrictions on how many tickets a player can buy. So, they are free to buy any number of tickets they wish. The available number of tickets, prize amount, ticket price will vary according to the currency players choose to use. Players can use only 4 cryptocurrencies to play the game. Lottery draws take place every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 


The most reasonable House Edges: 

CryptoGames has the lowest house edges possible for each of its games. The players take home bigger profit on every win. 

  • Dice- has 1.0%.
  • Blackjack- has 1.25%.
  • Lottery- has 0.0% 
  • Roulette- has 2.7%.
  • Minesweeper- has 1%.
  • Slot- has 1.97%.
  • Video Poker – has 2.09%

Jacks or Better- has 2.11%. 

Tens or Better- has 2.08%. 

Bonus poker- has 2.09%.


  • Plinko – has an average of 1.72%

Green ball- has 1.63%. 

Red ball- ha 1.84%. 

Blue ball- has 1.52%. 

Yellow ball- has 1.56%.


Smoothest Deposit or Withdrawal Process for your Funds: 


Keeping the users’ convenience in mind, CryptoGames has developed the most flexible funds exchange and transaction for all the players. Transactions are easily accessible from all devices. By using the “Deposit” function under the “Your Account” tab users can set up a deposit address for themselves. And for any withdrawal of funds, they will have to use the “Withdraw” button under “Your Account”. Users are provided with an option to set up an “Emergency Withdrawal Address “for the casino. If in any case, the user is out of contact, the casino will deliver the funds to the emergency address. This way the casino ensures the funds’ safety until they can be delivered to the user securely. 

Since only registered users get to make deposits of funds, the casino recommends the players get their accounts fully registered to access deposits and withdrawals.


Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Amount:

 Bitcoin requires 0.0001

 Ether requires 0.01

 Litecoin requires 0.01

 Ether Classic requires 0.02

 Dogecoin requires 20

 Monero requires 0.01

 Bitcoin Cash requires 0.001

 Dash requires 0.01

 GAS requires 0.02


Players must not try to deposit any amount lower than the stated as they will not be credited. 

The sum set as a minimum withdrawal for the players is 0.0005 BTC or altcoin equivalent.


Speed up Your Bets with a Few Tips!


  • The resulting processor will prioritize your betting speed if you are betting an amount that is 1000x the minimum bet. 
  • As your betting amount approaches the minimum bet amount of a currency, your betting speed will start to decrease. Meaning the bigger you set your betting amount to be, the faster speed the server will provide you with. 
  • If you do not want to increase your bet for the optimum speed, then you can always get the highest speed for processing all your bets by verifying your account  (regardless of their size).
  • In case you are trying to process multiple bets simultaneously; all of your bets will be placed as slowly as your lowest betting amount’s speed. 
  • In other cases, your device’s connection to the casino’s server may also have an effect on your betting speed. Hence make sure that your device’s distance is lower from the casino’s servers. 


Spread the Positive Influence of CryptoGames with Others! 

While the internet is now getting crowded with emerging online casinos every other day, it keeps getting harder to find one that you can genuinely trust. But with CryptoGames, you are guaranteed to enjoy the safest gambling experience of a lifetime. After going through all the detailed descriptions above we are sure you will not be able to deny that CryptoGames is going to dominate the online gambling industry in the future. Over and over again, the casino has tested its own limits and achieved more than it thought was possible. Their constant efforts in leaving a positive influence on its gamblers’ minds while spreading the promising possibilities of gambling are applause-worthy. Therefore, we now must let people know about the most deserving online casino in the online world. So, without any more delay, start your journey in wagering today, and partake in the winning spirit with the only one, CryptoGames!


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