Coplefc demands more weight for physical education in the new school curriculum proposed in Catalonia


(23-2-2022). Coplefc has presented some allegations to the Department of Education of the Catalan Generalitat for the proposed draft school curriculum, in which physical education has a testimonial weight.

The Official Association of Graduates in Physical Education and Sports of Catalonia, Coplefc, has sent a series of allegations to the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, after the Catalan government announced the draft of a new school curriculum within the framework of the new Decree regulating the teachings of basic education. Specifically, a modification of the curriculum is proposed in the stages of primary education, compulsory secondary education and the basic grade training cycles.

The Coplefc, through prestigious university experts in the field, has prepared and sent to the deputy director general of Curriculum Organization, Ramon Grau Sánchez, a document of analysis and allegations, which is divided into three parts.

It starts with the general analysis of the curriculum, while the other two focus, respectively, on primary education and secondary education. It is a text that not only collects reflections on the curriculum and the degree of implication shown in Physical Education as a subject, but also makes specific proposals and claims.

Claims and recommendations

Thus, the first global reflection is that Physical Education as a subject and subject is not clearly integrated into the curricular changes designed for a new educational system that intends to deepen competence work, insisting on cross-cutting projects that bring together different subjects. .

In addition, for the experts of the College, dr. Albert Batalla Flores (col. 4600) and dr. Josep Solà Santesmases (col. 5413), who have analyzed in depth the draft of the Department of Education, consider that it raises doubts about how the five competencies established in the Physical Education curriculum can currently be related to the eight competencies of the profile exit established by the European Union.

On the other hand, from the School, Pere Manuel Gutiérrez, president of the Coplefc (col. 8750), considers that “we must not miss a new opportunity to increase the number of teaching hours of the subject of Physical Education in all stages, with at least 3 hours a week.

Likewise, as can be read in the letter sent to deputy director Ramon Grau by Coplefc, “we are especially concerned about the treatment of time dedication in Primary, which does not even reach 2 hours/week, with which Catalonia is once again in the lower part of the hourly ranking compared to other communities” and the fact of leaving its distribution, moreover, at the discretion of each center.

Also indicated as proposals, in accordance with the purpose and scope of what the new Decree should be, is the need to promote in all educational subjects that are taught, that they have active activities and learning.

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