Convert Your PDFs: 3 Converters of PDF Bear That Anyone Can Use


There are many converters that PDF Bear can offer, and it’s up to you what to use. This site is secure and safe to use because after you upload your files, it will be deleted after 60 minutes. Besides the converters, you can also use PDF Bear to compress, merge, split, rotate, and repair your PDF files. It’s quite handy to use, and you won’t have a hard time performing the process. So here are some of the converters of PDF Bear that anyone can use.

JPG to PDF Converter

If you can’t find a solution on how to convert your JPG files, you can always count on the tools of PDF Bear to solve that issue. The JPG to PDF converter can convert file formats such as PNG and TIFF to a PDF. If you are a newbie, you can follow the easy instructions and effortlessly transform your files. PDF Bear is secure, reliable, straightforward, and quick to use, and you won’t be spending a dime when using it.

Convert your files with PDF Bear’s conversion tool, and its server will do the job for you. Drag your file or upload it to the conversion tab, and after that, your data will instantly be ready. With that, here’s how to convert JPG to PDF:

  1. Upload the photo or your JPG file that you have to convert.
  2. Select the needed option.
  3. Hit the “Convert!” button to begin the procedure.
  4. If you need to save the PDF to your PC, select “Download.” If you want to share it, use Google Drive or Dropbox.

Word to PDF Converter

If you don’t have the right tool to turn your Word file into a PDF, you are in the right place. PDF Bear’s online conversion tool can manage any DOCX or DOC to a PDF conversion. This web-based tool uses advanced technology so that the quality of your file after conversion will remain. The process is simple, and even if you are new in using PDF Bear, you can convert your data with only four clicks.

There are only four steps to go through for the conversion of Word to a PDF. With PDF Bear’s tool, users can easily manage their files with these easy and simple steps:

  1. Upload the DOC file that you need to convert.
  2. The PDF conversion tool will start scanning the word document.
  3. Wait for its process to end.
  4. The new PDF is now ready to save and download.

PPT to PDF Converter

Sharing the presentation file to anyone that needs it is a bit hard sometimes. PowerPoint files might be standard, but not every operating system can support it. With the efficient and quick conversion tool of PDF Bear, anyone can convert their PPT files to a PDF in seconds. From there, users can also use PDF Bear’s other tools to merge, compress, split, and even repair their PDF files. This platform can support all of the mentioned tasks with ease. You can convert your PPT file by following the steps below:

  1. Choose the PPT file that you want to convert.
  2. Wait for the process to finish.
  3. After uploading, you can still alter the data by choosing the available options.
  4. Select “Download” if you wish to save the file to your PC or share it through your Google Drive or Dropbox.


PDF Bear is a reliable platform that anyone can use without spending their money. It’s a fast, reliable, easy to use, and secure converter. Aside from that, you can also compress, merge, split, repair, rotate, and even put a password to your PDF files without putting a lot of effort.

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