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Alianza CCM-Eleva declares 5 commitments to protect the Environment in line with its work plan.

Santiago de Chile.- This week World Environment Day was celebrated to promote greater environmental awareness and concrete actions in pursuit of the care of natural resources, thus allowing less deterioration in the quality of life of current and future generations.

In this sense, the CCM-Eleva alliance declares that it is committed to caring for the environment, through the following 5 commitments, in line with its work plan:

– Promote a more environmentally friendly mining transversally in the different products and activities that we carry out.

– Continue promoting the importance of mitigation and adaptation to environmental transformations resulting from climate change as one of the six transversal competencies considered by our Transversal Competencies Model for the Mining Industry 4.0, which seeks to facilitate the competencies that current and future workers require and will require around the new scenarios of mining 4.0.

– Incorporate the promotion of the circular economy as one of the new skills of our “Transversal Skills Model for Mining 4.0”, promoting responsible production and consumption models in the sector with less impact on the environment.

– Develop new labor standards linked to the desalination process and integrate them into the Qualifications Framework for Mining

– Develop new Learning Routes based on the skills required for desalination processes.

What do these commitments consist of?

Regarding Transversal Competencies, Verónica Fincheira, manager of the Mining Competencies Council, explained that: “Among the 6 competencies presented by the Model, there is the ability to identify risks and new scenarios in the face of climate change, since caring for the environment and sustainability is one of the pillars present in each of the mining processes, and in all job profiles, regardless of the position, promoting sustainable mining for Chile”.

He also added that “Today it is critical to have a thought that allows us not only to comply with mining regulatory processesobtaining a license to operate, but also the development of capacities and the adoption of labor competencies of climate change, mitigation and adaptation in the usual mining tasks, with special care in the efficient use of resources and the protection enviroment”.

Along these lines, Vladimir Glasinovic, director of the Eleva Program, stated, “from the CCM-Eleva alliance, we carried out a survey with different mining companies and suppliers, prioritizing which new processes in the value chain we should incorporate into the Qualifications Framework, and the desalination process was one of the most votedsince the start-up of new desalination plants in Chile will come hand in hand with human capital challenges to be able to operate these facilities.

From our alliance, this 2022, we are updating the Mining Qualifications Framework, and it contemplates the development of the labor profiles of the desalination processin such a way to be able to educate and train workers and students in Applied operation and with the right knowledge for business and environmental protection.

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