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Within the framework of the recently published Sustainability Report, the largest copper producer in the world and the main state-owned company in Chile reports some initiatives with a view to achieving the goal set.

Santiago de Chile.- A little over a year after its announcement, Codelco carries out, in its recently published Sustainability Report, a detailed analysis of the progress to date in meeting the 2030 sustainable development commitments that the company assumed in the context of the global effort for combating climate change.

“The definition of these commitments is a very relevant milestone for the current transformation of the company. If we look to the future, perhaps the biggest challenge that the mining industry will have will be to develop in an environment of greater demand in relation to sustainability from all those who live with us”, commented the manager of Sustainable Development of Codelco, Jorge Sanhueza.

Advances in sustainable development commitments

Among the initiatives developed to date, among those that contribute to the first of the five 2030 commitments, the reduction of its carbon footprint by 70%, stand out the start of the supply from renewable sources for Chuquicamata for a total of 200 megawatts, the premiere of the first electrical equipment for the construction of the underground mine in the same division, the contribution to the development of zero emission extraction trucks (CAEX) and the development of the green hydrogen industry.

In addition, together with the main mining companies that are part of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), Codelco announced a new goal: to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Regarding its second commitment 2030, the reduction of the water footprint by 60%, the executive president, Octavio Araneda, highlighted in his letter that in this matter “it is vital to deploy all our capacity to reduce the consumption of this natural resource and, to at the same time, use it efficiently”.

The report highlights that the state company began the work of the early works associated with the desalination plant in the Northern District, in the commune of Tocopilla, and created the Corporate Water Management, dependent on the Vice Presidency of Mining Resources and Development, which represents a framework of governance to organize the water challenge at the corporate level.

Regarding the commitment to recycle 65% of solid industrial waste by 2030, “the incorporation of the circularity variable in our maintenance processes and the processing of 232 tons of end-of-life tires through pyrolysis tests to generate by-products of steel, carbon black and pyrolytic oil, are some of the initiatives launched”, highlights Jorge Sanhueza.

The fourth of the goals, related to the creation of a new standard for tailings deposits, already includes, among other advances, the award of the comprehensive visualization technological system for measuring critical controls in tailings.

And regarding its fifth commitment, to achieve greater development of the territories where the operations are located, Codelco enabled special modules for local suppliers in its supply platforms.

“We provide tools to these suppliers to incorporate them into our value chain, guiding them in the bidding processes; we promote the hiring of local labor in our contractor companies, we strengthen local education and participate in the training of future workers in the mining industry; We facilitate access to drinking water, through collaboration instances, and we highlight the volunteering of workers in various initiatives of each territory, ”Octavio Araneda deepened in his letter.

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