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Although the basic functions of Chromebook are what we should have in any operating system, some of them are used in other ways, different from those of MacOS and Windows.In the same way, there are certain particularities of this OS that could be of particular interest to those users who are lovers of personalizing the experience on laptops.

Chrome OS appeared on the market as a possible answer to the question of which operating system is the best. Of course, most people still go for MacOS or Windows, while others who are a little more adventurous stick with Linux. But, Since many Chromebook features are unique to these devices, learning about them will encourage you to get one. or will allow you to make the most of them every day.

Indeed, the purpose of this article is none other than to review those features of Chrome OS that we believe justify the acquisition of these devices, especially since they are not present in other operating environments. Probably, once you know them thoroughly, your opinion about Chromebooks changed quite a bit.

Indispensable tricks to use a Chromebook

Custom Caps Lock key

One of the first things that will surprise you about these devices is that there is no Caps Lock key on their keyboard. You have to create it yourself, which is not difficult at all, because it is done from the Alt + Search command in a minute. To add a lock key on Chromebook, you just have to follow the tutorial that we leave you in the link.

Overview Screen

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 allow us to zoom out, take a little distance, and see all the windows that are open at any given time. In Chrome OS, this action is known as Overview.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to see all the programs that are currently running on your laptop.

Restrict usage to certain users

Privacy is an increasingly important issue, so you don’t want everyone to be able to use your computer. To avoid it, you have to restrict its use to certain users, to their specific Google accounts.

By activating this feature, only those who appear on your “white list” will be able to use your Chromebook device.

Share files between Android and Chrome OS

Just as it makes all the sense in the world for an iPhone owner to purchase an Apple computer, if you have Android you should seriously consider a Chromebook, as the synergy between the two is well worked out. You can share files between Android and Chrome OS without delay thanks to Near Share and WiFi Direct.

You can share files between Android and Chrome OS without delay thanks to Near Share and WiFi Direct

window grouping

Just like recent versions of Windows, in Chrome OS you can snap windows together, grouping them together. The easiest way to do this is to place them next to each other, dragging them to the left or right edge.

Alternatively, you can click and hold on minimize or maximize, selecting the left arrow or the right arrow, according to which side you want each of the windows to occupy.

Rest your eyes at night

Unfortunately we spend more time than we should glued to the screen of our terminals, so it is appreciated that Google has taken into account this potential health problem, incorporating the Night Mode.

Hide files and folders

Needless to say, hiding files and folders is not something new, but Chrome OS does not leave us without this output. Even, it is only necessary to put a period at the beginning of the file or folder so that it is hiddena more comfortable procedure than in other operating systems, and which we hope others will copy.

To later see those files or folders, you must execute “Show hidden files”.

Silence notifications with Do Not Disturb

Notifications can drive us crazy, and more than anything on vacation it is good to disconnect from everything. Chrome OS comes with a Do Not Disturb mode, which works just like it does in other environments, and block out distractions.

You can turn Do Not Disturb on or off directly from the Quick Settings panel.

Google Photos as a screensaver

Screen savers on PCs may not be as popular as they once were, but Chromebooks they can revive them thanks to their collaboration with another structural app from Google, Photos.

You can set which of your Google Photos albums the saved images should be displayed from, creating dynamic screen savers, which also remind you of your most precious moments.

New to Chromebook features? We leave you this guide for beginners in Chrome OS.

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