Ces 2022 in Las Vegas, the preview of the most interesting hi-tech news


Mobility, home, wellness, technology. Let’s discover a preview of some of the most curious innovations on display at Ces in Las Vegas, the most important world event dedicated to innovation and hi-tech.

Leading and global supplier of technologies and services, engaged in the areas of Mobility solutions, Industrial technology, Consumer goods and Energy and building technology, Bosch is an often silent and invisible but constant presence: at home, in cars, in our cities, even in space and in the fields where the food we eat grows. Bosch truly spans all areas of our lives. An all-round competence that could not have found a better stage than Cesil Consumer electronic shows in programma a Las Vegas from 4 to 8 January 2022, the most important world event dedicated to technological innovation. Here are some of the most curious innovations that Bosch will unveil to the public in the coming days.

Bosch SoundSee will make it possible to discover any mechanical anomalies on the International Space Base through sound detection, processed by artificial intelligence © Bosch

Bosch technologies dedicated to the home

Since technology allows many more people to work from home than even a few years ago, we can’t help but start from here. And the solutions that Bosch offers are wide-ranging. These range from air conditioners which, thanks to the latest inverter technology, generate the desired temperature, consuming very little energy even when the weather is freezing outside, thanks to the systems that, thanks to the wireless internet connection and the IoT platform, allow devices to be registered in the app for easy installation and troubleshooting. Upstream of these heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, special connected thermostats are capable of offering a centralized control.

From the refrigerator to the plate thanks to intelligent technology from Bosch: manually synchronizing the shopping list with the Home connect app, or using an internal camera, the refrigerator can recognize the foods it contains and on this basis the app suggests possible recipes. Recipes that are then applied either by the food processor Bosch Cookit or from the smart oven, capable of independently setting the temperature, time and cooking setting using, among other things, the voice commands of Amazon Alexa.

ces 2022Bosch Cookit, the multifunctional food processor © Bosch

For e-bike enthusiasts

Simply speaking of a bicycle is very reductive: the complexity of what Bosch is proposing at Ces 2022 can also be understood from the complexity of the name: Smart connected bike solution – e-bike riding enjoyment 2.0. Translated, it is a new generation of systems dedicated to e-bikes that include the new eBike flow app, which includes a LED user interface, a color display, a rechargeable battery and a drive unit. In addition, over-the-air updates allow for constant improvement of services.

ces 2022The eBike Flow app opens up a range of new digital features for e-bikes © Bosch

Mobility among the protagonists of Ces 2022

For many, Bosch stands for premium automotive parts. Which is true but it only photographs a very small part of reality. In fact, Bosch provides car manufacturers with a number of very sophisticated technologies, some of which will be shown to Ces visitors. We are talking for example oftransparent digital sun visor (to avoid glare when driving, only the area from which the high beam comes from is darkened). Another aspect on which Bosch has been involved for some time is in the supply of components dedicated to electric cars, the Adm(Advanced driving module), which help reduce complexity in development.

As evidence of the global approach to the world of cars, among the curiosities on display in Las Vegas also the Technician process assistant (Tpa), basically an ecosystem dedicated to car after-sales services which, among the numerous functions, allows you to remotely establish a connection between an expert and the technical staff working on the vehicle, with the aim of improving accuracy and efficiency during vehicle maintenance and repair. These are just some of the innovations in terms of mobility, a mobility that Bosch imagines increasingly connected, autonomous, electrified.

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How sensors can make our life easier

But the news presented at Ces 2022 does not end there. For fitness and sports lovers in general, at home, in the park, in the gym or in the pool, a new sensor arrives capable of providing a super detailed report of the training activity carried out and, thanks to the self-learning ability, it can provide numerous information on the activity carried out through wearable devices.

ces 2022Bosch Sensortec has developed a self-learning motion sensor that adds artificial intelligence to portable devices: the BHI260AP © Bosch

Let’s stay in the field of sensors and see how artificial intelligence can contribute to increasing the quality of life of people even in the home. We are talking about sensors that are partly known and capable of detecting the presence of gas, humidity, but also the temperature and atmospheric pressure. But also of innovative sensors, such as those capable of sending an alert when food products have expired or, very precious, those capable of making early diagnoses in the event of forest fire risks.

ces 2022Nevonex supports farmers with the necessary specialist knowledge in the form of digital services © Bosch

Artificial intelligence at the service of the environment

The journey through the most curious previews that Bosch will unveil at Ces 2022 is not over yet. Dedicated to agriculture, the Nevonex supports the farmer to maximize production and protect the environment. A special app dedicated to video analysis allows, through surveillance cameras equipped with new functions supported by artificial intelligence, to detect faces, smoke, fires and floods. Cameras that can be invaluable in many situations, such as analyzing traffic or people flows.

And still speaking of cameras, the new generation cameras (called Inteox) will also be able to recognize dangerous situations related to traffic and mobility, thus contributing to the improvement of road safety.

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