CDC Sport hires Jaume Abella as head of Alpinestars and Chaoyang



Jaume Abella was for the past eight years responsible for sales and marketing of the fitness and sports facilities division (Precor) of Amer Sports Spain for Iberia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

(29-7-2022). CDC Sport, a Valencian distributor of cycling articles, has signed Jaume Abella as the new brand director for Alpinestars and Chaoyang in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Regarding the assumption of his new responsibilities, Abella highlights that, in addition to his professional profile, with experience in the sector, his sports background is added with participation in competitions in the Enduro modality. Abella undertakes in her new professional stage the representation of Alpinestars textile products and Chaoyang tires, both in the retail channel and in the OEM.

boost to Alpinestars in the MTB

As he explains, one of his main objectives with Alpinestars is to ensure that the MTB lines distributed by CDC Sport achieve the same consideration that the brand has in the world of motorcycling, where said brand is a world leader in its field. “We want Alpinestars to also be the first option in the acquisition of textiles, gloves or protections for enduro, ebike and downhill”, says Abella.

The manager highlights that Alpinestars has carried out a major redesign in its collections for 2023, investing in new materials and renewing 90% of its textile range with the aim of “Meeting the needs and demands of today’s cyclists by offering suitable garments with a minimalist look and Elegant”. The brand’s renewed commitment is also evident in the investments it is making in logistics, with the recent acquisition of a distribution center of more than 25,000 square meters next to its headquarters in Italy.

Other actions undertaken by Abella are the contacts to establish a network of Alpinestars sports ambassadors in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

At the moment, the first incorporation is that of the Andorran Alex Iscla, a young cyclist who is standing out in the enduro and downhill modalities. Iscla was the winner last year of the U23 Enduro Spanish Open and is taking part in the World Cup in both disciplines.

Position Chaoyang

As for Chaoyang, Abella points out that “it is an Asian brand with a more than consolidated track record”, which has one of the most powerful factories worldwide.

Abella explains that “we try to provide a solution to any type of client: from bicycle manufacturers to small shops in Spain, Portugal and Andorra that want to buy both tires and tubes”. As he adds, manufacturers in particular are in dire need of both first-price and second-price bike tires.

Likewise, he assures that Chaoyang has a better perception by the client, which is helped by the good results of the BH Templo Cafés team in the XCO world cup “their victories riding Chaoyang tires show that the brand works and is competitive,” says Abella.

Looking ahead to 2023, the manager seeks to promote other lines of business such as gravel, enduro and e-bike specialties. Regarding the latter, he maintains “We are working on new products to continue offering different solutions for e-bikes that will undoubtedly be a success, just like our recent Persuader tire in its WET, DRY and SPEED versions”.

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